10 Amazing Coincidences You Won’t Believe Happened

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  1. Uhhhh, #10 is showing a girl streaming online…. and the guys behind her is watching, on a computer monitor……

    Preeeeeetty sure if that was a mirror, you wouldn’t be seeing her from the front

  2. But when someone writes a story in a book, many do read it and unknowingly or knowingly act the same way in life. So one can't say it's Co incidence.
    Titanic, Miss unsinkable, Haley comet and President's story are believable. Even there is a possibility that Mark Twain must have killed himself just to show a Co incidence so that he would be famous. Worth the sacrifice.
    But yes, I believe people can easily predict some things. They have that skill.

  3. The last one was not a mirror. It was him paying to watch her touch herself via webcam. How could his mirror see the front of her legs? Der!!!

  4. They did not know president Trump would be president, they did this character has a joke. but it came true, lucky for them.

  5. Alot of bad shit happens to Milasian airlines…note to self do not fly with them. At least american airlines only verbally harasses and tazes people..id much rather that then death.

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