10 Haunting Deathbed Confessions

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  1. People consistently spout wrong information when talking about government settlements. The city did not pay that money, nor did the government, nor the police or the legal system.

    The tax payers paid them that money, even though they had nothing to do with what happened to them.

  2. the problem in those days was that the police were presured to make a conviction regardless of if the people concerned were inocent or not, justice had to be seen to be done even if it ment putting inoccent people in prison or death row.
    the only reason that things have changed is its not so easy to get away with it these days.

  3. Man if that dude was so worried about going to hell maybe he shouldn't have been shooting people in the first place just a thought.

  4. Simon Whistler vs Video Game Dunkey in a steel cage. Who wins? Combatants start on opposite ends of the cage and Simon Whistler has a halberd while Dunkey has access to 10 M80 forecrackers and a Tower Shield. Who wins?

  5. I've been around the starved rock murder case all my life and have never heard any death bed confession of any sort…… still have a bunch of the old stuff in a suitcase.

  6. I love your presentations. This one was dark and sad but very interesting. Thanks to you and the author.

  7. If only they had revived her and sent her to jail for perjury and theft. And given that man a million dollars. Oh well.

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