10 Movies Mistakes That Animators Made Without Getting Caught

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10 Animated Movie Mistakes That They Should Be Ashamed Of
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The amount of craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into perfecting animated films is in a class of its own. Every tiny detail, from movement to the background objects has to be rendered and program to act naturally and to stay consistent throughout the length of the picture. It’s no wonder that most of these films have received high praise from critics and award shows alike and earning fond memories from children and adults alike. That’s why when a mistake makes its way into the final product, fans may never be able to look at that scene again without seeing the mistake. Here are 10 obvious mistakes we never noticed in our favorite animated movies. Are you a fan of movies and tv and want to stay up to date with our content? Give us a like and hit the subscribe button to stay up to date with all things screenrant. Stay tune for some awesome news about the mobile game War Robots!


  1. Actually I think these mistakes are quite amusing, it shows that even professionals make mistakes!

  2. 4:03

    The next vid he made was a part two to this but in both if you watch all of it,it shows the same information about Pocahontas…

  3. doesn't the bad guy's mask in big hero six look a lot like amun's in that popular amazon series, The legend of Korra?

  4. Puss in boots. I knew what it was I just forgot the name so I had to look it up. I looked up cat in boots so…hehe

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