5/1/2018 #HateSpeech Mr.Dapperton in Danger of Losing his Channel with 100k subs | Wrenilations

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Topics: Mr.Dapperton, formerly known as anarchyball, is in danger of losing his youtube channel the liberty network a channel which he primarly now collabs with other youtubers like My 2 Cents, Hoodie, The voluntarist consumer, AnCap Kid, Reason and Shane killian among a couple others. His channel received two strikes for cartoons from his groups series called Libertoons. Specifically for an episode taking a satirical take on the Spanish Revolution and a compilation of libertoon episodes that included that episode. The strikes were for hate speech. Weve reached out to Mr. Dapperton to see if he would come on to speak about whats going on with his channel but cant make it to come on to talk about it, we will be playing a video he made talking about the strikes on his channel.

Peppa Pig is the latest cartoon to come under the microscope of hate speech laws, this time in china as the British kids cartoon has become popular among the gang elements of china and is being used in gang related art and tattoos. China has in its fight against the hate speech that is Peppa pig forced youtube to remove all Peppa pig cartoons from china’s youtube access even on the kids section.

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  1. Not really all for capitalism, mainly due to my distrust of big business, but even with that being said, there was nothing that he said that could be viewed as hate speech. Him getting strikes against his channel for that is total bullshit, and hopefully he gets those lifted.

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