50+ Of The Most Ironic Things That Have Ever Happened

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The universe works in mysterious ways, but you can’t help but feel that it sometimes has a sense of humor. This list of brilliant comedic irony, inspired by our previous list of ironic moments, shows some of the greatest unexpectedly comical outcomes that have ever been captured on camera.
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  1. what does number 9 say???? And I must say I like the video. It was awesome but I didn't like the car from New York and  no it's not case it from  New York it's the sticker that say your in America speak English. A lot of people who are born it the good old USA can not speak good English so lets leave the people who come over from different places alone.

  2. People really need to know what ironic means. #4 isn't ironic that's just coincidental, you have 3 types of irony, situational, dramatic, and verbally. Situation is the one that used almost all the time and it's the common one, people mistaken this as something funny or coincidental, but really it's the exact opposite of what you would expect. Example, cats would chase rabbit since it's a cat's prey, but what if a rabbit chased a cat, now that is ironic because you would expect the cat to chase the rabbit but turns out it's the opposite.

    Dramatic irony happens in books or movies, basically it's when you know or what the audience knows what's coming but that character in the movie doesn't. Example, in a scary movie the character walks into the haunted mansion, you know that there will be a jump scare but the character doesn't know that.

    Verbally irony is basically just sarcasm, if you don't know what that means just look up some examples on YouTube

    Hope this help 😉

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