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About Us!

This market is extremely lucrative. With the right product you can sell to thousands of webmasters looking for the best service to boost their organic search engine rankings.
Here’s a quick summary of why our exclusive bookmarking SEO Service is the strongest, commanding, most effective way to increase rankings and turn results into, spend-happy clients. No costs 100% automatic from order to delivery of report no work required.

• Widely known & trusted service in the SEO community
• Access to over 1000 highly, highly targeted SEO client emails
• Extremely advanced & versatile script coded with PERL.
• Features that no other supplier can compete with. Our service has special options that no other competitors offer. We stand out from the crowd.
• Penguin + Panda Approved. After all these updates we are still banging out results and owning the SERPs!
• 20k per month steady income.

You’ve got the market cornered, forever. Our SEO service comes with highly successful threads on SEO forums that have been customized to be made extremely attractive with our small business SEO packages. We have paid top rated designers to make us flawless sales copies to create a buzz in the market, a service to remember by everyone. The best link building packages that brings exceptional results, all completely automated. This is a year round money making business that’s growing every day, unlimited potential.

Our Bookmarking Service

Our bookmarking service is 100% automated. Very little work is needed. We have a script that does the entire posting process and even gives you an amazing report with all the details to send to your clients in seconds! This job will be completed 24/7 while you can go on vacation (which I have done myself quite a few times). Or focus on other projects. Or simply go to work and do your regular job as this only takes a few minutes a day to run. Our service grows, expands, and makes money through word of mouth. And this is just the beginning.

Even if you’ve never owned an SEO Service or business before, owning this service will be easy, effortless, and a wonderfully rewarding education that pays YOU money to learn its secrets. Few investments can do all of that. Imagine a stress-free business where you’re never rushed and never falling behind schedule. Now, you can take your time, decode the inner-workings and learn… really learn… and enjoy it — because everything is done for you automatically. How is it automated? The buyer makes the payment. You check your submission database, take the keywords, send them to the writing company, sit around, go play outside, write a book, come back and press start. It’s that simple!

Our Script

Our script Runs Incredibly Fast and Only Takes Seconds To Complete. The one of a kind programmed PERL based script runs in a matter of seconds and can be customized to do special jobs for each client. It is unbelievably lightweight and super-responsive. We will give you contact with the coder for 24/7 support if you have any maintenance of additional features you would like coded.

Our Packages


We offer a wide variety of packages for the beginning internet marketer and also the larger firms. if you are buying an SEO service as an investment, you need to diversify your services. Everything you could possibly need to get an optimal amount of clients has already been done for you. not only that but it’s all 100% outsourced with amazing earnings.

Our Services

It’s not surprising.

Our staff works with over 200+ positive reviews of our services, you will have no doubt Google loves our techniques (we have proof to back our claims). Highly-organized, logically-structured, ingenious tactics have worked for years and are some of the most advanced techniques done today by successful SEO’s.
We provide the best high quality, unique, link building content structures all completely optimized with perfect diversification on our featured packages. The result? dramatic increases for any keyword. All 100% automated! What else could you ask for?

Acquire an original.

Our Service was one of the Pioneers. There are many copycat services out there on the market but ours is one that we can truly claim to be highly successful. You would need to pay several thousand dollars in advertising to create a client base from scratch. As the winner of this auction, you get exclusive rights to this super-hot, visually-stunning SEO Service. It’s an asset worth thousands and you can bank on it. But that’s not all.

My brain is your brain.

You are getting more than an SEO Service… more than a web business. You are buying a window into the mind of the creator. You’re also buying my experience, my expertise, my knowledge. For over 5 years, I have created dozens of highly-profitable online businesses.

This is priceless.

24/7 Skype communication. The value of this auction has just been multiplied a thousand fold. You will be able to take what you learn from our Bookmark service and apply it to any business model. These are secrets you won’t learn from most gurus because chances are they are completely in the dark.

Providing buyers with superior services is the key to their success and mine.

Over the years, I have worked very hard to develop and maintain a reputation for providing world-class service. I also make a solemn oath to you: I will do everything I can to guarantee your experience on Flippa is positive one. It’s my duty to make you happy.

Want more? As I mentioned, our service is completely automatic with enjoyable profits on each sale. The service is completely irresistible. The winning buyer will get a email list of over 1000 highly targeted clients! This means you are getting a HUGE list of targeted potential buyers all ready to put money into your PayPal account.

Think about that for a minute: When you buy our service you’re getting a fully-automated, fully-configured link building service – complete with all the bells and whistles. You get a extremely trusted and well known service, my highly reliable coders contact, a ridiculously high converting email list to multiply your earnings. Our service is an extremely viral type of service. Expect tons of buyers just through word of mouth – which we all know is the best type of marketing.


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