7 Crazy Ways Video Game Pirates Were Punished By Developers

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So, you thought you could get away with it, huh? You thought you could just copy that game without forking over some cash? For as long as video games have existed, bootlegging games has been a problem. A lot of people worked really hard making those games, and some of that work even went into punishing game thieves in some pretty creative ways. Here are just a few crazy ways video game pirates were punished by developers…

Living on the edge | 0:46
Total terror | 2:19
For the birds | 3:00
Manual insertion | 4:17
Memory loss | 5:15
What a shame | 6:01
Oh, the irony | 6:40

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  1. I mean sometimes it's ok to pirate games from dick head developers. But yeah if you pirate something like witcher 3 where it's a ok price then you kinda deserve these things

  2. If I ever make a game, and it was illegally copied or something, I would just make it so every time the person moved they would die or spontaneously combust lol.

  3. *Developer*; No one will pirate our game if we make it impossible to play
    *Someone who watched this vid*; I want to pirate this game because it is absurdly ridiculous

  4. if i made a game then when someone pirated it i would make the game spawn you in a room with millions of enemys and crash your pc

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