Adam Ruins Everything – The Real Reason Hospitals Are So Expensive | truTV

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American healthcare might not be the best world, but it is the most expensive.

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Adam Ruins Everything – The Real Reason Hospitals Are So Expensive | truTV


  1. It's incredible that any of this needs to be said. A national healthcare service, like the UK has used before the Tories started selling it off piece by piece, is by far the best, fairest system

  2. While yes there are charge codes, these prices inflate because hospital bills 4/10 times are paid. And those 4 people end up paying the other 6 bills. This is why a Tylenol pill costs 80 goddam dollars

  3. I went in one time because I binged 12 hours straight of TV and when I stood up I had a seizure. I was forced against my will to go to a hospital. $2000 for them to tell what I already knew: There was nothing wrong with me. This was back in 2011, imagine how much it costs today. Fun fact, we STILL haven't even paid it off.

  4. For the people saying "yay I live in Canada", its the same thing. The hospital charges $1000.00 just for being there, doctor fees, treatments not included. $2000.00 If you need to stay the night, $2,000.00 if you need a ct scan, $1000 for an x-ray. Its the same damn thing. The insurance is slightly better so you don't see it as much, but sometimes you get the huge bill when your insurance won't cover everything. Healthcare costs are just as inflated.

  5. Greed, greed, greed. Greedy insurance companies, greedy doctors, greedy everything. If anyone out there gets rich off of sick people, then they are the truly sick people. Besides, the medical community doesn't want you to get better, because then they wouldn't make any money.

  6. its not only the object that costs that much, dont they charge you for the care you recieved too? nurses and doctors need to be payed

  7. Thats not how you yake an arrow out, you dont yank it out for the simple fact that the arrow has edges that can do more damage

    You always push as arrow through

  8. Another libtard citing a bunch of libtard sources. American medical care is by far the best in the world, where do the rich always go for important surgery/cures the USA. It msy cost a ton but it sure created the most innovative system in the world. Go ahead look up where that product you're using was created, i dare you. Do some actual work adam and quit reading huffpost articles.

  9. For all those Canadians or Europeans laughing or joking about our health care, lmao u know there are more negative part of "FREE HEALTH CARE" because u do pay ur healthcare bills THRU UR TAXES IDIOTS. CMON USE UR BRAINS.

  10. The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) was the first attempt to solve this problem. Instead of socializing all healthcare, the Act basically offered itself as an alternative health insurance plan, but it required everyone to have health insurance or be fined. But the problem was, more people who made frequent trips the hospital were joining Obamacare than people who rarely go to the hospital. This meant that more money was being spent than there was money going into Obamacare. So the solution was to start increasing the fines to people who didn't have health insurance. Also, the introduction of the government into the health insurance world basically meant that insurance companies had to compete with something that couldn't be bankrupted, so it drove health insurance premiums up around the country. Then there was the whole thing with people losing their family doctors… it turned out to be a massive headache that generated a lot of frustration and resistance to Obamacare so I think it'll be a while before the US gets anymore healthcare reform

  11. Defence industries don't bother with lobbying- they just deal with people who expect it to be way overpriced that is why satellites cost so much to get to space- bloated pricing.

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