After First Date She Wanted To Be Just Friends But His Answer Surprised Her

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After First Date, She Wanted To Be Just Friends But His Answer Surprised Her

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Nobody likes being rejected, but some people deal with it worse than others. In fact, some people can’t even cope with being rejected by somebody they aren’t even interested in! That’s what happened recently after a guy and a girl had a date together. The girl texted the guy (a Redditor named ToastedCookieOats) the following day to tell him that she “didn’t see him as a romantic partner” but hoped that they could remain friends. The guy politely revealed that the feeling was mutual and…well…things escalated pretty quickly from there.

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  1. Been there brother!!!
    When you reject a chick it’s the funniest damn thing how they flip out when your nothing but civil and polite

  2. Women always trying to outwit the guy or play the victim, and trying to act like they hold the power or have the upper hand. Fuckin randoms.

  3. If I may ask why continue with a conversation of this nature/ why do people? It seems trivial. Like I know I've never been on a date and so maybe I don't have as much experience with the subject but when a conversation takes a turn and you can feel whew it's going why do this?

  4. This is women. They want it all. Go enjoy your live's boys. Don't worry about having to lock down one of these she devils, they will be ur best buddy until divorce and then u will be living in nothing cuz she took u for all u had earned. That's what they do. The ones who say they aren't like that, have already done it and/or have so many friends/family of females they know who have done it, she could teach a class. Remember, guys wanna go out and do fun shit eat, etc but ultimately we wanna FUCK. At some point, very soon and very often we just wanna and needta fuck. You can go out with ur buddies and visit a massage parlor and do just that for about the same as 2 dates would cost u. These women are sizing u up and the bigger(money and her future wise) u are or make urself look…..she's gonna use that pussy and head to drain u. I've seen some of the smartest men become absolutely retarded and then once they come out of the ether, they are just like wow, WTF did I do?

  5. A pretty girl that I dated once wanted me gone, so I left. We didn’t really have an official break up and I was kind of relieved to tell you the honest truth. She would call me after that and ask me question like why did we stop seeing each other and what not so I always just said that I thought she didn’t want me around but that I was ok with that because I didn’t want to be a boy toy to her and she was needing to be financially supported with her child but with a total lack of respect for me and my life. It upset her that although she didn’t want me, that I wasn’t devastated by losing her. She was really beautiful but at the same time extremely pathetic. She continued to call and tease me with offers of hooking up and what not but never came thru with it. I ended up losing my cool one night when I had been drinking and then she said “im sorry I hurt you so bad and I never meant it to be like that blah blah blah” She felt better about herself thinking that I was hurt emotionally about losing her rather than just letting it be an issue of 2 people that don’t belong together. Sometimes beauty is only skin deep!

  6. Says she was texting non.stop and barely answered him the whole time. I wouldve honestly just left.

    Guys or girls, dont ever assume you have to take rudeness.or disrepecf from anyone

  7. This woman seems so pretentious it's unreal, she clearly wanted him to be upset that she wanted to be just friends. She didn't expect him to agree with her. What a horrible person.

  8. What a cunt chalk that one up for a win for the man ! Bullet dodged as he said well done. These kind of women make me sick ! Probably thinks she is a princess bc her parents confirmed it for her growing up but in reality she's eating too many bon bons

  9. Nothing makes me want to vomit more than an obese bitch who thinks of herself as being “curvy” and “gorgeous”.

    Come on, for God’s sake, she’s 100 lbs heavier than her picture, that’s not fat, that’s OBESE!!!

    Face it, you fat pile of lard of a bitch, you are lucky this guy didn’t just walk out on you the moment he saw your obese ass.

  10. her mind couldn't see any other possibility besides him texting to keep something going, and I find it funny he accepted her rejection but she needed to know why with his.

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