ALEXANDER HAMILTON + Jesus Christ / Hamilton Parody

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This is what happens when you love Jesus Christ and the Original Broadway Play Hamilton soundtrack. Danette Wilson, Twilla Amin Tanyi, Dion Lack, LackToast Entertainment. Written by Dion Lack

We don’t own this instrumental

Lyrics (by request) are below:JESUS HAMILTON

How does a homeless, prophet son of our God and messiah,
Arrive in a virgin M-A-R-Y and born in a manger,
A changer the only sin taker, Grow up to be our Lord and a savior

The beard rocker making wine from outta water
Got a lot farther by talking to our father which made him a lot smarter and Peter a water walker
At 33, Prepared his disciples to be martyred

And Everyday while Jews were being beaten and carried away
into a cage their taxes was unbearable
Inside he was longing for unity for the people,
and shared love, the holy spirit’s power and his parables

The Pharisees came to sabotage his name, A man
seen his purpose driven life in God’s plan
Took a basket full food and placed it in his hand
Fed thousands of multitudes with some fish and a loaves of bread

And the word got around and said this preacher is blasphemy
Arrest him and beat him publicly mocking all his agony
Crucify his legacy ending it in a tragedy
So they will never know his name

And there’s a million souls I haven’t saved
But just you Pray, just you Pray


  1. No joke, my sister and I were talking about how someone should make a Hamilton-style-rap production of Jesus. Y'all killed it!!

  2. Man, this is great. Good thing that there aren't any well established musicals about Jesus that might be associated with this interpretation….

  3. I mean, I thought it would be lame because of Christians rapping but it was actually pretty good. :p
    I like how they actually knew he was Jewish.

    my one peeve though is that even as an atheist, I'm pretty sure "christ" was a title, as in "Jesus the Christ," so it technically isn't his name. :v

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