All For One | S2 EP15 | “Aftermath”

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In Season 2, Episode 15: The Portia campaign scrambles to figure out next steps after a massive setback.

There. I’m going for a walk.


But what?

It’s so short. And… Our reassignment is soon. Maybe we should talk.

We should get used to spending time away from each other again, T. Maybe it’ll be a relief. To get some space.

You don’t mean that– He’s gone. Again. I just… I can feel his anger in my throat like acid bile, biting and burning to the touch. His absence chills like a sunless moon. Echoes like a carillon without its player. And without him… This office is so cold, so stark. The hallways grey and winding and lifeless. I’ve become so much more direct with my thoughts, under his influence, and I fear I may spiral again into… poetic borderline incomprehensibility. I fear I will lose my friend. But what can I do? I just… I don’t want to be alone again.

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Based on Alexandre Dumas’ novel “The Three Musketeers”
Created by: Sarah Shelson & RJ Lackie

In loving memory of Aaron Saul Jacob Shelson, “The Boy Who Lived.”

Dorothy – Gwenlyn Cumyn
Connie – Linnea Currie-Roberts
Portia – Claire Gagnon-King
Treville – Denise Yuen
Henry – Xavier Lopez
Alex – AJ Simmons
Rochefort – Damien Doepping
Anne – Erin Eldershaw
Monty – Marina Moreira

Production Team
Executive Producer – Lauren Evans
Producer – Sarah Shelson
Director – Shannon Litt
Writer – Sarah Shelson
Writer – RJ Lackie
Story Editor – Jess Beaulieu

Director of Photography – Dave Lam
Editor – Wil Noack
Production Designer – Giovanna Gatto
Costume Design – Amanda Wong

Assistant Director – Hannah Martin
Art Department Assistant – Lina Evans
Script Supervisor – Andy Wong
Production Assistant/DMT – Beatriz Campos
Production Assistant/DMT – Sierra Nutkevitch
Assistant Camera – Vanessa Chow
Assistant Camera – Ryan McIntyre
Assistant Camera – Robert Murdoch
Gaffer – Chris Leung
Key Grip/Rigging – Kodie Preston

Hair & Make-Up Head – Malak Sharaf
Key Hair & Make-Up – Monica Pavez
Hair & Makeup Dailies – Sydney Desnoyers, Karlee Morse & Aly Stevens

Post Production Supervisor – Wil Noack
Assistant Editor – Dylan Morgan
Audio Supervisor – Gus Harris
Audio Supervisor – Darren Snowden
Audio-Post Production – Kevin Jung
Colorist: Joshua Allen
Graphic Design: Tim Singleton & Andrea Chan
Additional Chattie Graphics: Andrew Miller, Branson Schell, Dennis Lieu & Jordan Sparks

Content Manager – Laura Richmond
Amazing Interns: Cindy Long, Alexx Bryant, Jess Filiatrault & Prajjwal Rajawat

Theme Song by: Spencer Creaghan

Produced with the participation of the Transmedia Zone & The Canadian Media Fund & our amazing Indiegogo backers!

Catering prepared by: Corey Leslie (Mimico Foods)

SFX: “Notification Up 1″ by FoolBoyMedia of
SFX: “Phone Vibrate.aif” by Housed1J of

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  1. "Not everyone is neurotypical" Please let that be a hint that Monty is gonna be autistic. It would be especially cool seeing as its autism acceptance month

  2. Was I the only one who got the vibes (from this episode + the one before) that Portia and Henry are talking/hooking up secretly? (Please don't burst this bubble, my shipping heart is hoping for that so hard lmao)

  3. Characters realizing the seemingly good guy/girl isn't as perfect as they seemed is one of my favorite things

  4. I feel like everyone’s bs this season is putting a strain on Connie and Dorothy’s relationship to the point that Connie is resorting to hanging with Monty MONTY of all people

  5. Why did the description made me cry more than the episode!?.. I hope who ever wrote the description gets a big long huuug..

  6. Remember when the gang used to group huddle and support each other and had constant banter? Where Treville and Anne were just goddesses that were spoken of but we never met them so we didn't have to acknowledge that they were imperfect people? I miss those times…
    The description writers seem to be spiraling…I hope they can work out whats going on between them.

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