Angry know it all chick gets handled by Tom Leykis – The Tom Leykis Show

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  1. This microbrain horror reminds me so much of my dear dear Mother absolutely verbally Relentless she was. her only defense. 15 years ago I told her to shut the fuck up, i have had enough of your shit, and clocked her with the back of my hand. she hasn't run her mouth since. AWALT.

  2. Omg my ears hurt from listening to this biatch. Somebody needs to put something in her mouth, if you know what I mean.

  3. Bloody hell, what an ignorant bitch. Tell me how happy anyone can be when the bank is full and you do not have to worry about paying the next utility bill or buying that next new car. How could anyone be happy being rich..

  4. women get triggered and very angry because there secrets are getting told on the radio and women truely dont want these secrets to be told this is why they get so angry it threatens there comonwealth and there money supply and there maniplative nature.

  5. Hypocritical cunt, she wants to discuss other's personal lives but when hers gets called into question, it's "none of your business".

    "You make-a me raugh! You er so egnerent!"

  6. She really makes me see all the pleasure of a relationship I've missed out on.
    Every woman that calls in just proves his point.

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