Angry woman gets even more angry after talking with Tom Leykis – The Tom Leykis Show

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  1. This is a perfect example men have no outlet to left to turn to but tom and the few in between and look all the woman come out in droves crying.

  2. I fucking HATE these whiney women who claimed that Tom is teaching guys to just get sex from women. Who the fuck is offering sex on a plate for attention, fame, and resources.

    Tom didn't set up the cock carousel, modern feminism did.

    They told women the lie that men had it all, and that women were disadvantaged.

    Most men might have wanted to have unlimited sex but they never had the opportunity.

    Even if what the feminists where saying was true, all those men must have been fucking somebody, so how the fuck do we have two completely contradictory feminist beliefs that men were sexually satisfied but that past women were sexually frustrated.

    The two arguments cannot be true at the same time.

    But the've taken this contradiction and justified every woman now acting like a whore, and have silenced any male critism by cries of mysoginy and me did it too.

  3. Anorexia is not our problem. Men don't have posters of anorexic chicks hanging on their walls. Anorexic women aren't featured in nude spreads. I don't know of any rich guys wifing up or banging anorexic women.

  4. it ALWAYS comes back to women thinking she deserves to be paid or given resources in exchange for sex. they blatantly say it and don't even understand that they said it.

  5. Hell, I'm poor. I also got 175 pounds of lean muscle, and right now I'm working on a 6 pack come summer, poor are not, I'll have to beat them off with a stick at the club come summer.

    If I'm at over 180 pounds of lean muscle with about 6% percent body fat by summer, that's a shredded 191+ pounds by summer, let them pay for the date.

    If your fat maybe you need money, but build a 6 pack and they will cum, pun intended, and they will pay for the date too.

  6. "OH my god you put so much importance on little tiny skinni bla bla bla"

    yes you egoistic cunt, guess what – nobody wants to fuck ugly pieces of trash

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