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Anime theme challenge, music which we have to guess the answer right, we cover animes such as fate zero, naruto, psychopass, hunter x hunter & more.

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  1. U know it's funny…cuz….after he said it was a sad anime I said to myself "Clannad?" And I've never seen the anime, then he said Clannad right after and I was like "………….well ok then"

  2. Also…DAT INTRO! I searched the song on youtube and added it to my music playlist (song is Nippontradamus) ur welcome 😀

  3. love the intro esspecially seeing some of my favorets in it but can some one tell me the anime in the intro that comes out after Naruto

  4. I'm gonna make a challenge called Fairy Tail op challenge, which u have to guess which op it is, u can guess the numbers or say the name

  5. senpai's ur videos are getting better and better each video 😀 AND OMG I LAUGHED SO HARD WATCHING THIS XDD

  6. The only song I recognized was Kuusou Mesorogiwi XD cause I love that opening to bad FMA a demon Fairy tail weren't here they'd be the easiest ones

  7. The cinnamon challenge can kill you, cinnamon has a dry substance making your mouth instantly dry.

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