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  1. She was also lying about being in the backseat, she was driving the car with her husband Johny to the library, right after she attended a MENSA meeting. I have to say that Johny is one lucky son of a gun

  2. … I see a recurring theme here; women ALWAYS use the, "You must've been hurt," line to try to downplay/dismiss what men are saying.

  3. The more you do for women, the more you give them, and the more you yield to their will, the less they respect you. Take what you want from them, and give them nothing. This is what they`re worthy of. And of course, don`t respect them, that is something you show to those who have authority over you, or to those who have strength or qualities to be admired. They have no authority over you, no power over you, and no qualities to be admired. Give them nothing.

  4. Tommmmy !!! Gottt Danggg! You are doing what millions of men want to do, but can't, for thousands of untold reasons….. Been tuned in for twenty years now.

  5. I fucking luv it when these stupid fucking whores open their dick suckers and start making noise like a babbling drunk monkey….. Then when asked if they read? ……. Daaaaa….what……. Yeah. They are fucking door knobs!!!!!!!…… Never marry, never live with them….. Never let them in your private life!!!!!

  6. Another perfect example of why American women are absolute trash.
    Foreign chicks have American bitches beat in every department, looks, brains, sexual skill, cooking, manners…..

  7. Tiny dick, you just been hurt by women, gay, loser, bitter.

    Its like every woman in the worl has exactly same things to say when she tries to prove you wrong.

  8. I think Tom was being a little unfair here. I bet she knows everything about the entire Twilight saga. That's like hundreds of pages!!!

  9. Anyone who has to tell you that they're "bright", "well read" or "intelligent" are none of those things, the fact that she bashes and talks down to blue collar men shows that she's nothing but an ignorant, entitled, spoiled brat who relies on (mostly) daddy's money to survive, she's more than likely never worked an honest day in her entire life, and has been handed everything on a silver platter…

    And these stupid cunts wonder why men are simply walking away from traditional monogamous relationships of any kind, they wonder why they can't find a " good man" to marry, use, take advantage of, and then divorce so they can take all his hard earned money and other possessions, along with a monthly alimony check for the rest of their lives… It's not because they don't exist, it's because these men are wise to women's act, they're simply not interested in them and avoid them like the plague… As they should…

  10. So glad at least these fucking Femi Dykes won't reproduce and their degenerate Gene Pool will die off. Good riddance.

  11. Can Having Cis Gendered Male Friends be Toxic for Women?

    Hi. I'm Professor Cos. Not too long after serving a 30 day sentence in Facebook jail, I logged into my Facebook account hoping to be greeted with a surprise "welcome home Professor Cos" party from those who missed me dearly. Unfortunately, I checked my Facebook messenger only to discover that I had made more than just a few female enemies! I mean, good golly! The endless list of angry responses and the vile, venomous vitriol that they contained led me to believe that those bitches were fucking TRIGGERED! I wish I could tell you exactly what caused the wimminz to get their panties in such a twist, but something is telling me that the most probable cause for all the butt-hurt was due to getting a very strong dose of Professor Cos's chauvinism and misogyny!

    My female detractors were anywhere from 18 to 70, and while some of them seemed to be Christian conservatives, most of them appeared to be sjws, misandric landwhales and liberal feminazis! After visiting each of their pages, I learned that a great majority of them were also single mothers holding bastard kids in their photos. In other words, they were a bunch of welfare thots, aging sluts, divorced former trophy wives, personality disordered prozac users and overweight, over the hill fatties that were just good for a quick pump and dump!

    As I was responding to their messages with some more chauvinism and misogyny, I came across a comment from some red lipstick wearing, selfie taking, Facebook whore pouting in the mirror and posing in her yoga pants who didn't seem outraged, but rather curious. In fact, she even suggested that we "go on a date" so she could "pick my brain" and "understand men". Other than eliciting a big laugh from me about how delusional this dumb cunt was, she got me to tell her why I wasn't initially interested in doing anything with her in person that didn't involve my penis and her vagina or my penis and her throat or my penis and her asshole. I made it very clear that if skull fucking, ass fucking, sucking, and fucking her right in the pussy was not happening pronto, we should stick to chatting online till she's ready to put out.

    To say that this bitch was bewildered was an understatement! She wasn't just bewildered, she was APPALLED! I figured at that point, that it was the appropriate time to educate this solipsistic cunt about the birds and the bees. So ladies, if you happen to be reading, you too, can learn a little something about the birds and the bees from the male biological standpoint.

    Ladies, have you ever wondered why you have to tell your "male friends" that we're "just friends"? Ladies, has it ever occurred to you that your "male friends" have ulterior motives? Ladies, haven't you dumb fucks figured out by now that if a man wants to bang you, the last thing he wants to do is be a platonic friend? Ladies, I'm here to man-splain to you idiot cunts why it's so hard to be friends with a man you find interesting, but don't have any sexual or romantic interest in.

    Ladies, let me start by saying this… Women are not "swagger" objects. What I mean by that is women are not seen by men as bearers of the hip, masculine attributes that make men look cool and charismatic. Men refined and sharpened these masculine qualities to appeal to the opposite sex. Men and women both find these masculine characteristics cool and interesting. This is why women can be friends with men and not the other way around. So even when a woman is not sexually attracted to a man, she can still be a fan of his style and enjoy his company the way a bunch of cool dudes enjoy each other's company. Men just aren't "fans" of women's "style". What the fuck is a woman's style anyway? Shoes? Lipstick? Purses?

    Furthermore, men aren't looking to "enjoy" the company of a bunch of shrill, shrieking, irritating, gossiping yentas and cackling hens. Men tolerate you stupid broads so they can bang you after reluctantly listening to whatever emotional, uninteresting gibberish comes out of your dumb mouth. Men don't really care what you have to say. Men know for the most part, that the smartest things that are ever going to come out of your mouth are their dicks after they cum, and their loads of semen if you choose to spit out.

    Ladies, instead of projecting, think outside your solipsistic female worldview for 2 seconds. As you know, you are the hunt-ee, not the hunter. You are the fuck-ee, not the fucker. You don't deposit your DNA in men, men deposit their DNA in you. Are you seeing a pattern? We are a sexually reproductive species, and you are a sperm receptacle, a sperm depository, a human toilet. So yea, as long as you're fuckable, it's "tag, you're it".

    Men and women pursue and perceive each other differently. Men aren't your buddies. You are pursued by men for sex, just the way nature intended, so deal with it. The fact that you "go after men sometimes" proves nothing. In fact, a woman hunting a man is like a gazelle hunting a lion. You're just prey offering yourself to your predator. You're just a vagina waiting to be filled. You don't accomplish anything by hitting on a man. He already wants to fuck you, so he accommodates your lame communication skills and overlooks your irrational, emotional, uninteresting female perspective. If he doesn't want to bang you, he just plays it off or tries to offend you, hoping that it will turn you off. There's nothing you can do to make a man want to fuck you if he doesn't already want to. When men work their bullshit on you, it's actually their doing that makes it happen. You get turned on as a result of a man's doing. You say yes to sex as a result of a man's doing. You find men interesting as a result of a man's doing. You want "equal representation" as a result of a man's doing. Men can make you attracted to them. Men can make themselves interesting to you. And that is because men must become men. Women just have to be born female.

    Like I said, women are not swagger objects. When women do anything interesting, they are either emulating masculinity or they are using resources provided by men in order to be "equal to men". Men's desire to fuck you isn't determined by how interesting or "intellectual" or how "cool" you are, so why the fuck would men find you interesting aside from your sexuality? Women are attracted to men and find men interesting for the interesting things in men that they try to emulate. Those are masculine attributes. That reality is why men are not sex objects. Men are success objects. Men are greatness objects. Men are wisdom objects. Men are swagger objects. It's why men grow in gravitas, and women just become dried up old prunes, over the hill turkey necks, and used up sperm depositories. Best of all, it's why Professor Cos is a male, chauvinistic PIG!

    Here's another fun observation…

    Notice how women commodify themselves for men and not the other way around? For example, hip hop chicks talk and dress like the hip hop guys they are interested in, not the other way around. Skater chicks and rocker chicks talk and dress like the skater guys and rocker guys they are interested in, not the other way around. Gym thots and mma chicks talk and dress like the gym guys and mma guys they are interested in, not the other way around. Go to a foot locker or any store selling athletic gear and you will see the "female size" of a sneaker or a pink air Jordan or a jersey or a hat that women wear because guys made it cool to wear such gear. Women are not originators. Women are emulators, imitators, artificial copycats. These yeast filled holes that bleed every month should feel lucky that men at least want to fuck them instead of bitching about why men don't find their uninteresting asses interesting.

    Ladies, when are you dumb cunts going to realize that sex is what you were created for? The reality of a woman's existence is based on the fact that she is surrounded and pursued by men from the time she sexually matures till the time she hits menopause. Even men that want to be on their best behavior have to try really hard not to bang you or stare at your ass and tits. Men and women are not "partners". Straight men aren't your buddies or comrades. Women are sexual prey. Ladies, how many times must I remind you? Women are inconsiderate sperm receptacles, unreasonable sperm depositories, delusional human toilets! Remember ladies, the safest place for a woman is in the kitchen. We really don't need you working with us. You're a distraction at best, and a job killing liability/economic train wreck at worst. Nature created you to be sought after for reproductive purposes, not to be "equal to men". Deal with it, bitches. By the way, there's a reason why women were created dumber and weaker than men. Men don't want to be friends with people that are dumber and weaker than them. Capisce? Comprendere?

    Ladies, I'm finna get hash tag me too'd up in this bitch! So if you think what you just read was sexual harassment, expose Professor Cos to the world by saying "hash tag me too"! I've never been more proud to support sexual predatory behavior!

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