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In this fun Ant-Man parody, it takes off where the movie left with Falcon looking for Ant Man. A short time later Yellow Jacket emerges and Ant-Man must defeat him! With some strange twists and turns..

Ant-Man (Scott Lang) played by 10 yr old Daniel
Yellow Jacket (Darren Cross) played by 8 yrd old Harry
Falcon and Driver played by 10 yr old Zayd
Luis and Captain America played by 8 yr old Issa
News Reporter played by Janet (Mum)

We try to film our videos in one go and then just go with the footage we have! Please enjoy and post your comments! Would you like us to make more Ant-Man movies?


  1. Haters suck haters if you're reading this you are stupid so haters, I want to see you do better because that's the only way to prove that you guys can do better. Gorgeous movies, you guys are awesome. Screw the haters.

  2. I think you're going to I think you're going to win cuz he he can go small and you can go back to and you can go bigger than him bigger and bigger I like your videos real really great they're cool and do you have any more videos there are all cool I like all of your videos and you're Clueless

  3. This is actually better than those other Ant-Man kid parodys it has good shrinking which is a good thing other than using a cheap funko. Plus thats a great lewius

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