apology part 2

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Unemployed, Performer, Sunshine Addict, Veteran Startup Operator, Lana Del Ray's Botox Injector. I make up a dream in my head before I go to bed.


  1. Aw hun, I'm so proud of you. This was a great video and you were so calm & articulate. Well done. Moving your probation sounds like an excellent idea and very proactive. Don't engage with the trolls and accusers, and just keep blocking them xo
    (PS That person was called Gruggie Gina, not Grungie)

  2. Aw girl…those of us in the know see what your about. Dont let the haters get to you to the point that you make others feel awkward. I felt bad for driver 🙁 he wanted to stick up for you but you could tell he really wasnt comfortable with it.

  3. Awww what a sweetheart! He seems chill. And you definitely have a stalker. People are taking this way too far. I honestly don't know what I'd do if I were you at this point.

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