ASMR 1950’s Girlfriend/Wife Etiquette Teacher Role-play

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I hope you all enjoy this fun role play that I put together. It is ABSOLUTELY with sarcasm that I agree with all of these points in this video. These articles were taken from a simple google search which I did not check references to. This video is all in fun and does NOT REFLECT my actual views or opinions.

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I am NOT a health professional. The use of this video for relaxation purposes is not necessarily suggested by any medical professional and is simply for the enjoyment and relaxation of its viewers.


  1. "Try to get your children to be quiet as well. Good children will listen." XD anyone who has encountered a child ever bursts into slightly hysterical laughter.

  2. Everyone's talking about how they couldn't live in this era because they couldn't be this kind of wife, but to be honest I like this. Its like a handbook on life.

  3. "Don't complain if he's late for dinner. . ." Maaaaaaaan if my great grandpa was late for dinner, my great grandma would've had his ass on a silver platter.

  4. “Don't complain when your husband is late for dinner.” My grandma wouldn't have. She would have put him in the oven and make a delicious meal out of him.

  5. I would die. Just die. Or my husband. One of us would die. I would kill him, like no. Everything down to the bedroom…? Like wow, I would just wow. I'm sorry I'm human??? Just no. I would never married. I would have just said screw it and got a "best friend" and called it a day. And what's wrong with all red hats? Poka dots? What is this. I would have just died. Gosh I'm happy I didn't live in that time era. But I do like the asmr, like it was nice??? Idk. It like calmly confused/angered me and it's the only one I've watched more than 3 times. Sequel??

  6. I think in the 1950s you either fell in love of you got married off for money so bad to be a woman! She also said the piece of paper was from last year

  7. You have quickly become my favorite! I really enjoy your wit and your delivery– both for the sarcasm and the intended ASMR. This video is truly great. Awesome job by you fitting the image, the calm and cool annunciation of each word (and I'm not a mouth sound guy, but the mic picks up your natural sounds and it's juuuust right) so everything about this particular video is just great. It led me to other videos of yours, and I've definitely enjoyed each. Thank You.

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