Auntie Fee waiting tables at Roscoes scene 1

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Giving out soft and wet treats! Happy Valentines…


  1. I know who u r!! all the from Atlanta, Georgia! I think u should come here to do something with Tyler Perry!!!!!!MADEA meets AUNTIE FEE!!!!

  2. I'm just not appreciating how they didn't know you,,,,ugh,,,,,but anyway just want to give a shout out to aunties fee bomb hairdo,,, on point as always

  3. sorry but she did my son likr that, my ess hurt when she made commentd about gays, in life, what you put out you get i sm not lol serious, but forgivies is divine

  4. We know who you are in Dallas,Texas and we love you Auntie Fee. Your hair was beautiful and you gave the young couple some great knowledge.

    Love you Mika

  5. Aunte fee said you don't know me…. Google it!!! Yes!!! That's how you know you're a star when you tell a motherfu%*% to Google you!!!

  6. Hey Auntie Fee i really love your videos you put a smile on my face when im having a bad day and ive learned so much from keep doing u and make some new videos

  7. Auntie FEE! I Just wanna say that i LOVE U!  I GET U! Keep it real , stay true to yourself .I love cooking to. I am polish -canadian i think u would love my polish food. Come  for dinner sometime , bring your family!

  8. so jealous! wish I could visit Cali just in hopes of meeting you. puddy must of been the camera man I heard his laugh. lol

  9. You really bring me so much joy watching you videos. You remind me of some of my aunts. I feel like you are part of the family and I want only good things for you.

  10. I found these videos last week while  looking for a chicken salad recipe. I had never heard of her, I don't watch Steve Harvey or Jimmy Kimmel or much television in general. I watch a lot of YouTube videos though and found Auntie Fee by accident.

  11. Auntie fee you funny as shit love you could be from philly they way you talk and hustle you remind me of my grandma lol

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