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Marriage Tweets That Prove Husbands Are Just Big Children

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Some husbands never really grow up. They might wear a suit to work every day, they might read the newspaper, and they might have seemingly adult conversations with other apparent grown-ups, but all they really want to do deep down is to break free from the shackles of conformity and simply become children again. Unfortunately for them however, their wives aren’t always so sympathetic, and looking at this funny list of husband tweets compiled by Bored Panda, we can’t really blame them! Which one do you find the funniest?

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  1. Gender Quality #Racist Must be stopped XsighX I told u the truth yes some dads are like that, But women shall realize that xsighx that…. Mens are more dominant than they No offense

  2. Wife:You are so childish.

    Me:I know and I’m trying my hardest to stop.

    Also me:Where’s the.Mustard?

    Wife:The fridge.Why?

    Me:No reason*gets mustard*

    Also Me:*goes outside and pours in dirt*

    Also also me:*angrily stares at mustard seeds.*NOW YOU HAVE A REASON TO GROW YOU LITTLE TURDS.

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