Bill Maher Struggles to Explain Economic Boom Under Trump

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  1. Funny how your channel is called no bullshit, yet it's 100% bullshit and selective editing!! There's no economic boom under Trump!! The stock market has continued to go up, as it was doing under Obama as well, it's been a straight upward trajectory for years!! And it's all sitting on a tremendous bubble, and when it bursts, we're likely to have another depression!!! But the stock market doesn't show how normal people are doing, it only shows how the very rich and corporations are doing, it's not a sign of the people's economy!!! I know he gave us a 1 trillion dollar deficit this year so he could give $1.5 trillion to billionaires, and after 10 years, anybody making less than $75,000 sees their tax cut end and they start paying 10% more taxes than they do now!!! Funny how the billionaires tax cut is permanent!! 83% went to the top 1%!!

  2. I've studied Maher, Colbert & Kimmel since the 2016 election & what I see is pretty disturbing, we all have emotions, likes & dislikes but what we have here is pure hate, this level of hate has never been seen before & it's getting stronger by the day, either some high echelon of power is behind this hate or they just personally hate Trump individually? I don't know the answer, but surely this can't continue at this level without being investigated, banter, comedy, innuendo is accepted amongst TV audiences but hate speech is a different ball game, these people have gone too far!

  3. Idiots like her why trump will win again. She's just a hater. Trump could cure cancer sell the pill for only a buck and she would say he's evil for charging at all. Pure hate no facts.shameful. MAGA

  4. I saw Maher live years ago. You just never noticed how horrible he is, finally. Christian hater Bill Maher and his scumbag fans–is there any reason to respect them or care what they think?

  5. I still watch Real Time sometimes. It's almost comical how 2/3rds of his guests don't realize how they speak is why Trump won.

  6. Let’s celebrate the FBI today!!! 13 Russians indicted. Donald J. Trump, the pathologically lying, perverted, racist TRAITOR is soooooooo fucked now! BURN IN HELL TRUMP AND PUTIN. Fuck Russia!!!

  7. Yes, I am hoping that Trump's economy fails, I also hoped that Obama's economy would fail. I've hoped that all economies fail all across the globe. If you wanna know why, find out the endgame of over production and consumption. It's math.

  8. 13 Russians indicted today and, of course Trump Trash and Russian Trolls are quiet as Hell. Go figure, huh? BURN IN HELL TRUMP AND RUSSIA!!!

  9. I believe our success is because of Obama. Cause he's gone and we didn't elect that hag Hillary. Thank you hussein Obama. Now take your tranny wife back to Kenya. Allah be with your stupid ass

  10. "I work at a research centre in Berkeley, i know what everybody else in the US thinks"

    That about shows how far from reality one can get.

  11. don't give a FUCK ABOUT Bill Maher that fucking quare is stone all year long what he think i shit on it Bill Maher think that he is above the law freedom of speach is one thing but that fucking moron is a big loud mouth that i would like to meet in person and kick is fucking ask Hey Maher stop the dop man you are frusted anough as you are your only a dick succer

  12. I am now officially done with Libtards. They are now clearly against anything pro Americana. You know what that’s called? Treason. Don’t worry, we Combat Arm Veterans are patiently waiting in the shade.

  13. Bill Maher is owned by global elites. He just promoted wars and soldiers lives lost on fake propagated reasons for war. FACT!

  14. Economic Boom….are you Lost?….2008 America and the rest of the world was gonna be a Depression? ….that faggit asking that "so called good question?"…. Is a Member of the Extreme Right or Extreme Left…and hates Women because homosexuals like ….this loser! and on both sides support Treasonous Trump!….. Especially on Immigration because there wealthy…Bill Maher is one in the same….Treasonous Trump works for wealthy people like him…Not people who gotta work for a living like you….#StopWatchingTV#GoReadAMuthFuckingBook

  15. Treasonous Trump is serving Putin his masters agenda….. because of his illegal money laundry practices and ties too the Russian Mob the Treasonous One is clearly being Blackmailed!…Under Obama he did a lot of good things and cleaned up a lot of the bullshit plaguing America…besides trying too get the federal government too to take over the ranks of Health Care runner by the Mob at Corporate Levels who would rather die then fuck up the system more then too see every American Covered….. Examples: His administration killed Bin Laden and went against the Public too bailout Corporate America with Tax Payer stimulus packages!…….and now The Treasonous One is continuing the Tradition of Corporate Wealth by Cutting Corporate taxes Permanently and Cutting American Middle Class Temporary….. His racism goes well with the whole dreamer situation of actual deportation (which is so fair because immigrants need too follow the rules and not much off Americans) knowing that Congress is shelling out millions too billions of American tax payer dollars to build a ridiculous border wall along Mexico which is a big waste of time because its only drug dealers sneaking into America from Mexico from all over the World….and we all know that a wall is not the solution for that because The Treasonous One just got his Tax Cut bill passed and just released his hilarious Budget…. Their is so much bullshit that Americans are going through that is Totally unnecessary financially…..Americans need too wake up and Put America(Meaning Americans) first!…. before you can even think of making America Great Again. Treasonous Trump is a Divider, opportunists and a Flat Out Traitor and in due time will be exposed as such…… Americans have the biggest opportunity to realize what the real problems are and fix it by knowing it's Not A Black and White Issue …..its a Class and Culture issue!

  16. I have found liberal, Zionist, globalists, (Soros, Maher, Zuckerberg, Page, Brin, Clintons, Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, New York Times, Washington Post, CNN) all hate anyone who slows their global take over of the world with counterfeit currency. These are over educated do nothing people who make money talking. All these people need to get real jobs like delivering pizzas or something. All college graduate elitists who think they deserve to be billionaires live in fantasy land. Shame.

  17. wow, this channel is like falling into a open sewer, so many snowflake and openly racist Trump supporters, the economy isn't booming, companies are laying off workers and moving to other countries. Already we had the biggest market correction in a single day, soon the next recession will make the last one look like a picnic in comparison and with Trump in command you will have either war or economic collapse. I'm so tired of winning already.

  18. Well all the people that are enjoying better wages a few extra pennies from Trump. Well spend em now. You'll need a lot more of an to buy the things you need. I'm not going to get all churchy about it. But if you don't know what the deficit does to your dollar you better learn it. I'm no fan of mahr and his voter shaming bullshit. And your right Obama and Clintons did shit for our American workers. But your very mistaken that the economy is doing well. The market is up sure but is it helping anyone but the rich. The talk of a crash is coming every sound economist sees it. You want to have anything left in your retirement pull it out keep it in your ira. If it doesn't happen this year you.lost 6 months worth of investment. If you got 50k at 8 percent return you lost 40 bucks. But if we do crash you'll loose 1/2 3/4ths. Don't go blowing sunshine and happiness up trumps ass thinking he's going to save you. He don't give a shit about you. The only ones going to profit are the rich that keep taking your tax dollars and taking away the benefits that help our society as a whole. The costs of living will be much much higher. Because the republicans believe in one thing pay for your own shit. Well your extra 300 bucks on your tax return aint gonna go to far. Sorry I think Maher is an idiot. But so are you if you defend trumps economic policy. My guess is you don't have a good grasp on economics you.make several racial and social comments that have no bias on economics. And you haven't seen the market changes over a 40 year period as I have. Dont.blame brown and Jewish people or liberals for the ill that face us. Those are distractions and pointless to attack. It's the ceo's and wealthy that have stolen your vote. Manipulated the bought politicians to favor thier business and fuck you up the ass. Make all the other rants on how it's Maher fault or the liberals or those immigrants which is laughable they have less influence and power on any issue in our country other than the companies that illegally hire and offer them a reason to come here. Rant away it will change nothing. Your increased wage is nothing for what you'll be dealing with 3 years from now

  19. Trump hasn’t done anything for the economy. All people say is that he restored faith in the economy to tie the economy to him, but that’s just an opinion. You can’t prove that. There aren’t any hardcore policies that point to increasing the economy. If the economy is doing well, you can’t point it to Trump. Also you’re delusional if you think Trump isn’t “fucking this up”. You said he cares about your issues. But like you said, the reason you voted for him is because he pursues white interests. Because white people have had it so hard lately right? You see white people being oppressed everywhere. Heck look at the CEO’s today they’re all black people and minorities right? People in the government and movies they’re all black people in minorities too right? Obviously, the white people of America dominate the government and popularity so what issues are you talking about? Pushing for the increase of minority roles in the government and Hollywood (to use two examples) is not pushing for discrimination against white people. It’s to end discrimination versus everyone else. But if that’s not the issue your talking about let me know.

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