BOOM! Rand Paul Just Went Off On An Epic Rant Against The ONE Thing He HATES The Most in DC

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Brock Simmons for the Gateway Pundit reports, Known for his fantastic Twitter tirades, in particular, his annual Festivus tweets, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul once again uses Twitter to demonstrate the outrageous waste his staff has uncovered in the current budget being debated on the Senate floor.

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  1. Time to END D.C. corruption and the Pedophile run Government BUT NOTHING HAPPENS just more BS news and words but nothing has gone to JUSTICE NOTHING DO SOMETHING!!!! QUIT Talking about BS do something FFS.


  3. I always liked Rand Paul and his dad good for him to point out the waste in government.I wonder if the national science foundation had some wild parties of their own ( for their nerds to get laid ).lol

  4. The people making these big money wasting projects need to go to prison , but that won't happen, so they tell you all these crazy money wasting projects just to piss you off , by the way , taxation is theft, literally.

  5. BS. Read & understand the Grace Commission Report to Congress in 1984. Taxes pay for nothing but the interest paid to the banksters at the 'FED'. all the rest, for EVERYTHING, is simply paid with 'magick' currencies that come from out of nowhere ('thin air'), and is 'loaned' to us by the sorcerers who make it appear, at INTEREST. WAKE UP. THE WHOLE SYSTEM IS A SCAM ON US 'taxpayers' (AKA wage, tax/debt slaves who 'believe' their currency is 'money') SMH.

  6. That Japanese Quail study money will probably end up in the pockets of people like Halper. Look into who was paying Halper. It was about $200K in payments at a time, for studies at universities.

  7. That hotel was on Full Measure. Also we paid for compressed natural gas stations for cars. None of the people can afford the conversion. Why would they when oil is everywhere. On and on it goes.

  8. The cash is spent on other evil things.who gives a crap about quails? ? On cocain?? There rubbing in your faces how they steal your tax dollars to use for evil intentions

  9. Because the idiots let congress/government take over to much power they dont!! Have!! . we all failed to set limit's and do justice in making are elected officials tow the line.the line of constitutional laws. Its time to start hanging these traitors and restore the rule if law!!

  10. The smartest senator Kentucky's ever sent to Congress!
    Hell, probably the smartest person in the U.S.!!!

  11. Our Government has no clue what their approving. With all the staff Senators and Reps have they should break budgets apart and assign a part to each member of house and Senate. Golden nuggets just laying there to cut. Out of Control Spending. If you ever tried to read our State Budget which is only online it's impossible.

  12. Why the fuck are we paying for a hotel in Afghanistan? Why are we giving money to our enemies…?? Yes we do need somebody to over look these ridiculous so called scientific research

  13. Fuck those scientists! Most of them seem to be over-educated idiots anyways. I'd like to be on the panel that chooses what studies to pay for, I guarantee this shit would stop.

  14. Yet I WANT to Know and do a Study, as to whether or not Libtards are Less or More Retarded either On or Off their Prozac?!

  15. Put names with this insanity Rand.Gary you are one of the only news people I listen to. You don't get enough credit for what you do.

  16. A conservative is someone who wants to conserve the individuals bill of rights and the constitution. It’s has nothing to do with fiscal responsibility or social issues. That is why the reputation of the conservative is so bad and false. Uptight Judgement throwing tightey whitey is how the globalists want republicans represented. You need to get a clue buddy.

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