BREAKING: Teen Assaulted For Wearing MAGA Hat REVEALS The Whole Story

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The “Tolerant Left” are getting worse and worse by the day. Last week an Illinois teenager was visiting the liberal bastion of Seattle when he was assaulted. His crime? Wearing a MAGA Hat.

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  1. What a mature young man. Instead of being a puppet, he’s educating himself. He’s thinking for himself. Why are democrats so ignorant and low class. Don’t they have any self respect?

  2. How much more of this s*** are you going to take on the right when are you going to start firing back doing more than just lip service after all the left likes lip service between their legs fight back you cowards

  3. We should have done all this crap for the 8 years of Obama what goes around comes around a chocolate chip loaded with French dip

  4. Brainwashed is a tip a sign a confirmation of stupid treat these people that way a sign you cannot teach stupid can't and unwilling to learn due to their poor excuse o f brainwashing stupid is as stupid does

  5. There's a line being drawn in the sand one side is the left and Satan the other side is the right and God no matter what the left. Does they will pay the premium penalty at the end of their life for being brainwashed and very stupid there is no reasoning with stupid so don't even try

  6. I support anyone that wants to make America great again. I don't support anyone who think MAGA mean It's time to hate. Most of these people don't have a clue about reality while they are in hate mode. Whenever you even try to understand what they are standing for they blow up and attack you by yelling, assaulting, and even murdering. they need to be rounded up and arrested starting with the media, then teachers, then politicians and finally anyone in public that goes off the deep end like in this story. WE need to unbrainwash them using the truth and actual facts. Right now instead of good being good and evil being evil they are trying to convince everyone that EVIL is GOOD and GOOD is EVIL. Tell them they are not the good ones that they have been deceived by the EVIL ONES and they could become GOOD IF they accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

  7. Oh only people who are allowed to work and marry are conservative to conservatives the rest of people are worthless shit because they're not allowed to be like them because snobs says so.

  8. The hate on the left has finally turned into complete insanity. They need to be stopped – – by force and by violence, if necessary.

  9. Every time I take a shit
    I'm flushing down a liberal. And I wipe my
    Ass with Obama printed
    Toilet paper . barrack have a shitty face now.

  10. why we aren't showing up to places like this and kicking liberal teeth down their throats is beyond me.

  11. Every country has borders, every country has laws. This is what happens when too much freedom is abused and perpetrators are left unhinged and not persecuted. Sad for the law abiding citizens.

  12. At the end of the day, Conservatives should vote with their $$$ & refuse to visit cities where the hate is so strong.

  13. i put that punk on a boat and ship him, and that dumb bitch to iran and let them try this crap.god bless usa and president trump.

  14. Now you know why i always say the msm is the greatest threat the USA faces in these times. It says in the bible a divided house will always fall and thats whats happening.

  15. Good for this young man! The foolish individual who assaulted this young man needs to be charged with battery.

  16. Ppl don't hate Trump. They are like robots told what to do. You talk to them and they can't answer. They are programmed to be a stupid robot. How did that happen? Why are they allowing to continue?

  17. I thank this smart man, God bless you and be strong you are not alone. The Real America is with you. !!!!

  18. They act like this because they are lazy and do NOT WANT TO WORK! Bush was a republican and no one CARED that he was in office. They only care about trump because he's creating jobs and lowering the amount of people on food stamps. These left people want to just sit on their butts and do NOTHING!!!! That's the REAL REASON they HATE trump!! He has ALREADY MADE America GREAT AGAIN!!!

  19. Why are all these millennials so angry? Did they realize they have to work for a living and pay their OWN way after college? Is that why socialism sounds so good to them?? Spoiled, entitled, selfish little twits. Good god! This problem is SOCIAL (divorce, technology, materialism, etc.) and MSM just fans the flames!!!

  20. I think these people going against our freedom and our rights as citizens we pay taxes to pay these stupid Dems salary for them to mistreat or call for the mistreatment of citizens should be investigated they are either for us or against us…they seem to care for more for people who don't pay taxes like illegals than they do for the people paying their salary and should be dismissed and investigated.

  21. Shame that dude got attacked by the SHE HULK, Hope that dude gets to make america great again, wearing that cool cap. I got one free in the UK, Since someone from america came here.

  22. A word from the wise to that young man who's cap got very rudely taken away the tossed on the ground. Never wear right-wing items in extreme far left political strongholds. Check out the cities before going there on the internet and ask if the city you want to visit is far left or far right politically if it far left do not wear the red cap.

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