Brexit: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Britain could soon vote to leave the European Union. John Oliver enlists a barbershop quartet to propose a smarter option.

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  1. Britain Has to follow EUs Rules the US just Flips the EU off an everyone excepts that xD that’s what America is doing. XD lets keep FLIPPING OFF THE EU!!!! POWER to MERICA. oh shit we already got power.


  3. everyone will agree with me on the fact that england is a 3rd world country, with a rich upper class.
    The EU will be like England in the future if we continue to import, as donald trump says, shithole people.
    The working class wages gets pushed down, the upper class income pushed up, logic.
    Luckilly we still have some national socialism left in our scandinavian countries, which is why we are ahead in every aspect of life.

  4. we would all be batshit crazy if we vote for leaving it… yeah, well then you're batshit crazy, limeys – I say this as a part-british guy, so I guess I'm covered

  5. Oliver is an unfunny CUNT , Stay in the US you fucking shithead , sitting there slagging off you Country , you are not funny you fucking FAGGOT !

  6. Oh look, it's Nigel Farage spouting bigoted demagoguery again. If only we could bottle it, we could set the world ablaze with pointless bickering and inflammatory rhetoric.

  7. This guy is so not funny, and he's obsessed with the notion we all (the majority) voted to leave because of a red bus advert. He is also part of the Liberal conspiracy (even tho he lives in the USA) to now dis-own "project-fear" as a supposed Leavers campaign instead. This man in my view has lost the honour and the right to buy a poppy on Remembrance Sunday. These liberal idiot remoaners should look at European history over the last 200 years. Its not exactly Europes best kept secret that it (Germany) has smashed European economies on 3 occasions From Frederick the Great in the 1880's, to Wilhelm 2nd (first world war) and hitler (2nd world war).

  8. Is it a coincidence that Boris Johnson looks like a British version of Donald Trump, and the bus used the same color scheme as his campaign hats?

  9. Michael Gove may be a pillock and he ruined the education process in our country but what he was trying to put across there is that the people in Britain are fed up of upper class patronising and looking down on them when they are so out of touch with what we actually want to happen In our country

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