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Woo hoo!! Okayyyyy…soo… This movie is called Irony in case it wasn’t clear 🙂 IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO AUDITION PLEASE COMMENT AND TELL ME WHAT ROLE YOU ARE TRYING OUT FOR AND POST YOUR AUDITION AS A VIDEO RESPONSE. I will PM u and tell you if you got a role and what it is. okay. And now for the script:

Irony Auditions

Lucy – grey mare – QH- dressage
Mean, Head of mare clique, bossy, athletic, deep yet girly voice
“Hey Ellie, wanna put wet hay in the new mare’s stall?”

Ellie – black mare – QH – dressage
Lucy’s sidekick, mean, compliant, weak, squeaky voice
“Wait… if we put gross soggy hay in her stall wouldn’t she not like it?”

Ivy – roan mare – Paint – Jumping
New mare, shy, sweet, friendly, loyal, high voice sorta
“Umm.. Hi. Ummm… well… I was just wondering who else is jumping at the show this weekend?”

Clancy – bay gelding – Mini horse (Appaloosa coloring) – schooling
Wise, intelligent, old, deep voice
“All horses can jump Lucille. No matter what breed, height, age, or size. ”

Hudson – dark bay stallion – Warmblood- Jumping
Athletic, fancy, good mover, kind, popular, friendly, deep but young manly voice
“So I hear you are the amazing show jumping paint huh?”

Cisco – red roan gelding – welsh pony – jumping
Cute, silly, troublemaker, high voice, crazy, wild
“Oh boy, I can’t wait to buck off Jenny in my lesson today!”

Any extra characters will be added to the comments so check in every once in a while in case you like those characters.

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  1. Can I audition for Ivy,Clancy, and Cisco and see which one u like me as best? Please PM me the lines for each please

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