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For my 365th upload here are some pretty cool number coincidences (or are they) between playing cards, calendars and clocks. Popular legend holds the the composition of a deck of cards has religous, mystical, or astrological significance. Can you come up with any interesting number coincidences?


  1. btw, it works in Dutch when you translate lady into "dame". Wich is correct. But we call the lady "Vrouw" meaning: woman. Cause there is a V instead of the Q of queen. So when doing it in Dutch we should first say that the lady is in this trick: dame. PS. thanks for the selfworking, no slide of hand, tricks πŸ˜€

  2. seriously, when you were flying through those numbers I was pretty lost and wondered a little if you were blagging but I laughed out loud when you pulled the 365 out of the deck. Nice work

  3. I've got one! So, if you divide 365 by 7, you get 52.1428571428571 Notice the "142857"? If you've watched the 1/7 Mathematical Card Trick you would know where I'm going :3

  4. There is old Finish song "Tapio Rautavaara Korttipakka" And use google translator Finish to English.
    It work pretty well.

  5. It technically breaks for Swedish when you get to the Queen, but you could replace it with "dam" and it would work. That is like cheating, though. πŸ˜›

  6. If you add the value of the remaining cards, you get the same total as adding ace 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 jack queen and king

  7. It does work in dutch but you will have to start of with the aces, and use the names dame and heer for queen and king

  8. I noticed something really cool! Subtract 1 from the number of cards in a suit (13)and you get 12. Multiply 12 by 4 and you get 48. Then go back and multiply the 2 in 12 by 2 and you get 4. 48 plus 4 and you get 52! And there are 52 cards in a deck! Cool, right?

  9. I have one. If you add the letters which spell out the names of the cards it will total 52. A-c-e-t-w-o-t-h-r-e-e………k-i-n-g. 52

  10. Good video. You might be interested to know that there's also 4 elements in the Zodiac: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. Each suit also corresponds to an element: β™₯ = Water, ♦ = Earth ♣ = Fire and β™  = Air. There's also some esoteric alchemic* meanings here as they're suppose to represent temperaments. i.e. The temperaments of the of the suit. It's gets involved as it involves Etienne Vignoles and Joan of Arc, so it's very murky history. Think phlegmatic, melancholic, choleric, and sanguine when I say temperaments.

    I'm a 5 of β™₯'s by the way, a water dog. πŸ˜‰

    (* Alchemic as in Alchemic philosophy, not just the subset of nonsensical science brought about by dumb interpretations. i.e. About methods and tactics, not magical superstition; In other words turning something as simple as cotton & linen paper, into something more valuable than gold. The US dollar for example, though now it's more like a digital/mental promise of nothing.)

  11. The word 'coincidence' has 11 letters…you could maybe work that in as a way to spell out the end of the story. Something like "I have 11 cards, left, which seems an odd coincidence since there are 11 letters in the word coincidence' or something along those lines. Just a thought – very cool story.

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