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This is a really serious and important video.

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  1. You are living the struggle. I cannot talk to any of my relatives for more than five seconds without them thinking I actually feel a burning sensation when I walk into their church.

  2. You remind me of Andrea Russett, and you kinda look like her too. I love your vids! Keep them coming. Hopefully I get into Harvard as well. xx

  3. oh my gosh your hilarious and you go harvard AHAHA do more harvard related videos? Please they're the funniest!

  4. HAHHAa i am a YouTuber myself for IOS games you got recommended to me so i watched a few videos your pretty funny Thanks for making my day best of luck at Harvard 😛 !

  5. If someone is being sarcastic to me all I do is respond with the dumbest answer I can think of and usually They'er gullible enough to think I'm serious and then I tell my friends how dumb they are and laugh about them. I know, I'm such a horrible person.

  6. Sarcasm is the body's natural defense against stupidity. I use it liberally, because telling people to go fuck themselves is considered rude in most social situations.

  7. I think sarcasm is when you say or imply something that is obviously untrue in order to call attention to the truth, particularly when the untrue statement is complimentary or optimistic. For example, a derisive ping pong opponent once said "quick as a cat" after I failed to get my racket on his shot. Again, "you insulted her parents and came on to her sister. How could she possibly not like you?"

  8. The last one was sorta sarcastic. everything else was hyperbole/definitely not sarcasm.. sarcasm can definitely be powerful if used properly. but most people don't understand how to wield this weapon

  9. I love this, I am either too sarcastic on a bad day, or too anxious on a good one HAHAHA gotta love that psychological disorder that keeps ya on your toes like a thriller WOOT!

  10. 1:15 LOL! I laughed so hard cause that's mom's reaction to whatever threats I make about people!! She tend to take things too literally, which is ridiculous cause they are suppose to be "funny" and make me less angry! x)

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