Celina Powell Annoys With Cardi B ..! By Mentioning Your Child … Look The Details!

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Clapping back! Celina Powell, Offset’s alleged baby mama, is responding to Cardi B lyrics that appear to call her and her baby out!
As you probably already know by now, Cardi B, 25, has just dropped a brand-new single — titled “Be Careful“! In it, she raps: “F**k him, suck his d**k, you would’ve been pissed/But that’s not my M.O., I’m not that type of b*tch/And karma for you is gon’ be who you end up with/Don’t make me sick, n*gga.” This is interesting because a woman named Celina Powell claims to have given birth to Cardi’s fiance Offset‘s, 26, baby girl just a week ago — named Karma. Coincidence? Celina doesn’t think so!
“I know ppl been tagging me but I wasn’t gonna say anything cuz you know she’s gonna deny it or say it’s not even about Offset,” “I think the lyrics are petty that she has the nerve to talk about my child as if it’s not a great thing to end up with, my baby is a WEEK old. It just makes me mad as f**k she would use my daughter as something not to be proud of when i didn’t make Offset do anything he ain’t wanna do. But I am happy she’s at least acknowledging the fact that he’s the dad.”
Celina gave birth to her daughter on March 23. “Karma Kiari You came early & mommy LOVESSSSS you 03/23/18 best day of my whole life,” she wrote on her since-deleted Instagram account. reported, she plans to have Offset served with a court-ordered DNA test. As for Cardi, she appears to be shrugging off any speculation that her new track is actually referencing real events.
A fan called out Offset on Instagram regarding infidelity allegations, the rapstress herself responded: “chill maa , I’m a woman ,i rap about different things different feelings ,Music is art nothing personal .Besides i don’t think he will tell me drop this record if it was personal s*** .Its all love over here.”

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