Chad Prather – The “Snowflake Cry” song

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  1. ⚠️TRIGGER WARNING: The following video contains the term “snowflake” and references to reality that may present micro-aggressions to some viewers. Safe spaces and comfort puppies are advised.

  2. I need to go grab my blanky and cry now! It's hard work being a libtarded snowflake crybaby. I want milk and cookies as compensation for my pain and suffering.

  3. Snowflakes melt away and that is exactly what happened to all these rebellious fools trashing the country around. Hahahahahaha!!!!! Media coverage ended when the fake media realized idolizing them would eventually lead to a civil war. So long fake American trash flakes. Grow some and get to work.

  4. chad your the man…….let all of them snowflakes and sore losers have it they all deserved losing, all of them left wing fascist liberal democrats and socialist are pure evil animals who hate our country :

  5. You're a dick.

    Take away your medicare, medicaid, social security, and FIMA for when a tornado destroy's your trailer park, your clearly overstepped white male privilege (You know that thing you've never lived A FUCKIING DAY without), then we'll see who the snowflake is then.

    So fuck you, fuck your hillbilly song, fuck your gravy sweating sister, fuck your diabetus chicken fried blue plate special, fuck your value village 50% off red tag find hat, fuck your snow tires in July because you're too broke to change them Chevy truck, AND your three legged dog with a satellite dish you keep stapled to the OSB board you call a "porch" to get better TV reception, all with a rake.

    A rake, you inbred cousin fucker, a rake. Preferably a metal one one from a WalMart cause Home Depot is too fancy for you, you racist, white sheet sporting Klan Baked fucktard.

    …oh, and for the rest of the redneck cuntservatives who will inevitably come to the defense of this myopic jackass, a short lesson – First, the 1st Amendment protects him from the Federal Government, NOT public criticism and second, with immense generosity and charity, behold my great and terrible harry middle finger of doom in all of it"s "I hope you die and never vote again" splendor.

    Seriously, the only thing "Funny:" about you is that you've not figured out that you are EXACTLY what is wrong with this country.




    Fuck you, and good day.

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