Chance The Rapper Says Blacks Don’t Have To Be Democrats

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  1. Those late night shows should not be political at all they are there for comedy not for making stupid petty jokes at the president

  2. Blacks really shouldn't be democrats, it was the party that enslaved them, created the KKK, retarded their Civil Rights and forced them into a welfare loop. Which I'm currently trying to get out of. My father died in February, and he left us three kids a nice little wad of cash, let's just say it's enough to make anyone blush and if handled correctly would easily last the rest of my 50-55 years of life (I'm 30), it's not a crazy amount, but a good amount. So I did the right thing went down to Social Security to get off disability which I'd been on for the past 3-4 years for my Autism, and instead they're throwing more money at me, and the same went for food stamps. My biggest fear is that they're going to use their generosity to fuck me at a later date.

  3. Oh you mean the people who respond to our side's constant request for debate and dialog with assault, battery, property destruction. Yeah, totally not the insane side. Again, Democrats gave you slavery, retarded the passing of the Civil Rights bill (republicans got it passed), created the KKK and almost every other terrorist organisation in the US, and love reminding non-white/non-christian/non-straight/non-male/non-disabled how they can't ever amount to anything and will never be successful due to that fact. WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU LIKE THAT GROUP? A group that constantly points out how insignificant and worthless you are. It's an abusive relationship liberals/democrats/leftists have created. It's Munchausen By Proxy.

  4. Republicans were AGAINST slavery! And the Democrats were for it.

    So why wouldn’t blacks support republicans?

  5. 8:00 Point out what Trump has done to hurt blacks?

    Only thing I can think of, is low black unemployment, way lower than when Obama was president. I can't see that as hurting blacks though.

  6. It's dangerous for the Democrat's ideological slaves to have independent thought on their plantation.

  7. We have secured a beach head… IT'S TIME TO PUSH ON INTO THE LIBERAL REICH- I MEAN HEART LAND!!!!

  8. You think maybe Kanye did some market analysis after the Eminem Trump Freestyle garbage fire, crunched the numbers and formed a short-term business/marketing strategy? If the numbers were right, it would be a favourable demographic to target.

  9. creates good music and he is a good person i always knew this, but somehow he gained more respect from me how is this possible lol.

  10. I can't see why any black person would would vote Democrat considering the damage dems have done to the black race. When democrats created welfare and low income housing it damaged the black race more than any political policy ever. This policy segregated blacks to ghettos in ever city of America that still remains today. These ghettos, naturally, have C and D rated school systems which led to many black youths unable to compete in the work force. Idol minds and empty pockets filled the penitentiarys with young black men. Democrats fought for years to enslave the black race and they did it using tax payers money all the while calling it charity for the poor. The cherry on top is the black race completely bought in and returned this charity with a 92% democratic voting average ever hear since. Proof you say. The creation of welfare started in the 1950's. Look back at democratic politicians then and how they voted on civil rights issues. Many democrats of that error fought hard to keep schools segregated from their precious white children. Hell some democrats of that time actually had unquestionable ties to the now dead KKK (even though CNN talks about them as if they are a force to be reckoned with). Now ask yourself why would a clearly racist organization want to create a system that provides for the poor knowing at that time a massive amount of poverty was made up of the black race?

  11. John Legend and Donald Glover are fags of a feather. Virtue signaling slave boys to the Democrat Plantation

  12. I respect Chance, and I agree with his statement that not all blacks are Deomcrats. I'm not, nor am I Republican either. However, Kanye and Kim are both idiots.

  13. Msm propaganda…. rep party is white only party and looking at the comments here…lots of shill reps cryptoselling this meme

  14. This dismissive attitude you people have towards black people feelings is only going to keep pushing us further and further away from trusting anything white people say.

  15. Finally black Americans are waking up and leaving the democratic liberal plantation party of the slave masters , wake up black American the democrats have been playing you for fools since the sixties

  16. For once you don't get it. Fuck chance. Waiting to see what kanye brings for his new album and after that we'll see

  17. To the text message critism: Trump is hurting america. That's FACTS. Medical health system got worse than before ever because of new laws, trump quitted the paris ecological treaty and he allowed a heck load of laws to brutally kill animals like bears for hunters!

  18. It took the demoKKKrats less than 100 years to reinstitute slavery… farming votes instead of cotton.

  19. Black ppl, im white and i was raised by my parents to love everyone and i do. PLEASE come check us out on our side. More freedom for you and me. We're begging yall to give us a try we do believe in your freedom and prosperity and we have the ideas for it. CMON CMON CMON

  20. It's good that people are realizing that one-party-ism is bad, no matter which party this is.
    Also it seems like the greatest harm to the communities of color is caused indirectly, by the racist groups and policies NOT affiliated with Trump but empowered by his election. It's sad that he doesn't do more to take on these issues, but he certainly isn't the "white savior of minorities" trope that has also come under fire.

  21. Gotta be honest, I'm def a Chance fan (musically), but he's no conservative… Let's be honest this is a purely political move for Chance. Kanye is a great producer and artist, the tweet was vague enough to where he can say that he agrees about blacks not having to be Democrat's, while still still claiming representing the left.

  22. Kanye has been a stand alone republican for a while now. I am wondering if Kanye is scratching trumps back for later on when he starts running for office. If the democrats stand any chance at the next election they need to stop thinking of trump as some idiot. It's the same reason the republicans lost to obama, underestimating their opponent. But I am pretty sure it's too late, trump knows how to manipulate the public and this opens up a whole new voter base for trump. Next election i am voting for trump, figure even though is a manipulating egomaniac I do feel he genuinely cares about people. Also it's a lot of fun to watch the leftist melt down.

  23. Its funny. Im not republican, im all for diversity in all forms of media, not really a conservative, REALLY dont like Trump (like hes an ass. but really like so far he hasnt done anything too damaging that cant be undone. And if anything as crazy as he is there are a few issues that his crazy antics do help bring up) But really i enjoy watching videos from this channel greatly. So woohoo.

  24. I'm black-ish…ive been told by other blacks I'm not black enough. Just because I didn't grow up in the hood, doesn't mean I'm any less black, just not the black we all think about when we think black…what are you thinking black is?

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