Chinese Cooking VS. Western Cooking

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Here are some differences between the cooking methods of the East and West.



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  1. This is only what I heard but I heard

    Tai Li: The key to a good western dish is the best, finest, extra VIRGIN olive oil you can find.

    That is only what I hear though.

  2. how retarded is this, this is not West vs East, this s Anal Kid vs Momma cooking. I haven't measured a damn thing in 20 years unless I'm making a spring cake

  3. Western (specifically American cooking:
    "So we just gotta make this perfect and according to the recipe, gotta garnish it nicely, everyone gets their own dish, gotta make it look very appetizing"
    *tosses some spinach into a boiling pot*
    Child: "I don't wanna eat that!"
    Cook: "Quiet! You will eat what I cook!!"
    Chinese cooking:
    *dumps in all the stuff*
    "Who needs it to look good?"
    *dumps in all the stuff*
    Child: "Ooh, that looks good!"

  4. That moment he measure the water in the rice by just using the finger is just something I felt in a spiritual level

  5. Yeah except I tend to do the Western recipes like Mikey does the Chinese recipes. It's literally to the point where a lot of my go to dishes and favorite things to make I literally would not be able to tell you how much I use because I just eyeball everything.

  6. My family is Hispanic and we definitely relate more to the Asian side of cooking! Except the utensils, we have a lot of those!

  7. And all the little Asian ladies who have just discovered YouTube abd are watching this are screaming, "AAAAAHHHHHH!!! WHY YOR WOK NO SEASONED!!!!????!!!

  8. How hard is it to drop some rice grains in a pot of boiling water for crying out loud???
    I have to flip my damn burger at least 8 times!

  9. Hate to admit it but in definitly a western cook. I follow the recipe to the dime. But when I'm making my own thing I just kinda ehh little more little less

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