Clip 11- Twin Flames I Want To Tell You

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  1. Itz a dayum shame that you deem it necessary to explain poop! I luv you. You're straight up real. SMDH.
    Please just ignore these people and keep it moving!

  2. some people wanna live on your energy. bad manners shouldn't be paid attention to. so don't fall in their trap, sister 😉 all cups are empty, we won't fill them any longer.

  3. I v read that one line sentence abt video that its suffice so I v taken it that way, gagan n I totally support u about need to talk about negativity u feel from reactions because i understand it's all about respecting ur soul &not to have a minor creep from any negativity from any1 & its necessary to cleanse from our own aura n thoughts which caught accidentally from ppls any how for betterment… I m feeling frequently these things whenever stuck with negative vibrations…..folks, gagan is cleansing this negativity by using throat chakra n releasing it in universe by saying things which she catch from here n not by her own …..plz understand. Thanks dear Angel, ur current readings totally resonate in my case….lots of love, tk cr…..

  4. This is exactly like it happens with questions: people almost never really listen to what we ask. They just hear us… I have always felt you speak truth. Thank you

  5. Is it normal for a twin flame masculine to have a one night stand and then abandon the feminine, or is that not a typical act of a twin flame

  6. Wonderful explanation and thank you for taking the time and uploading this video. I also agree… Why value stupidity? You are kind enough to help people who are seeking answers to understand about twinflames etc… Then those who aren't grateful need to truly see why there not with their beloved or may even be having issues with them, mainly because of impatience or other issues like you saw.
    You're too kind and generous to feed into those negitive people, leave them where they lay.
    Thank you once again for all you do and the wonderful videos you put out to the rest of us, all is respected wit much gratitude. LOVE and LIGHT

  7. Gagan, you handled the matter most gracefully. .. sending you so much love light. I wish I could hug you. I bet you have pisces in your chart…. Please know that they are as shows to evetyone … its a game to them. Please don't let them steal your joy. All love to you

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