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We’ve heard a lot of talk about coal miners in the last year, but what are the real issues surrounding coal? John Oliver and a giant squirrel look into it.

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  1. Dry your and your fat ass wife's eyes buddy. Coal mining is devastating to far more than just you making a fucking house payment. The backbone of America is not coal mining. Its terror and dealing weapons to her enemies. Lets not forget the theft from the common man to line the pockets of the rich and politicians.

  2. the way I saw it, Bob was and has been a good business man. look at the coal mining conditions of the countries from whom we import coal from. that is important. I'm not a coal minor, nor a supporter. I'm just saying, if present facts, present them all so we can make an accurate assessment

  3. First of all and most important is that not everyone in Coal Country has or had a job related (at all) to the coal industry. This part of our country has lots of poor people.

  4. "The result of a drunk threesome between Chris Hayes, Austin Powers, and a potato."
    That must be a hot threesome

  5. I agree this world is in desperate need of assistance. Have we the people changed the ecosystem?? Yes anyone with eyes to see, ears to hear and willing to accept not deny the damages caused.
    Who is at fault? Who should be held accountable??
    Big Energy Oil, Gas, Coal, Nuclear . When the supretion of green, free, renewable energy for profit of the select few is accepted by the uninformed population. Should the people be made to pay for the cost of cleaning up the damages caused by Profit hungry Corporation's??
    We The People of this World have paid and continue paying with not only Our Wealth with but the Health of this Earth!!!
    The Corporation's that have produced these toxic chemicals will as has happened so many times Repaint Their Logo, Change a Name and continue . They may just fold up their tents ..Avoiding Liability!!!
    In the end the People Pay.
    Am I responsible as a person who uses these harmful devices, chemicals, technology?? Yes!! I have Knowledge of the damages being caused and will continue Standing Yup, Learning More, and not only informing You but Everyone that can hear or see. We can change this. We Will Correct this NEED FOR GREED and allow Earth to Heal.
    Our focus should be directed not toward Selfishness, Separatism​ and Greed but towards Unity and Growth!!

  6. Ya know who needs to see this? Coal Miners. Former Coal Miners. And anyone who cheered that this pres was gonna help Coal Miners.

  7. Why the hell would you use coal? Coal is extremely outdated at this point… Question: What do you actually use the coal for nowadays? I live in Sweden and we have no coalmines anymore, so I really want to know… 🙂

  8. I just imagine the daily interactions between the staff of Last Week Tonight and the HBO higher-ups.
    "Alright, so this upcoming week, we're going to do our larger segment about the Coal industry."
    "What will you need for it?"
    "A squirrel costume and a giant cheque that says 'Eat Shit, Bob'".
    "*sigh* Seems about right."

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