Craziest Claims About The Moon

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Check out the craziest claims about the moon! From the moon landing being a hoax conspiracy to mysterious pictures taken on the moon, here is a top 10 list of crazy “facts” about the moon created by people!

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8. The Moon Is Made Of Cheese
Ok, this is an odd one to start with for sure, but come on! Kids for generations have been told in jest that the moon was made of cheese. And yes, while it’s ridiculous to think about now, after we’ve gone to the moon multiple times and even got some Moon Rocks out of the deal, for a time, it was a plausible theory of sorts.

7. The Moon “Transforms” You
The moon has fascinated humanity for thousands of years. One of the most curious things about are its “phases”. Because the moon revolves around the Earth (and takes about 30 days to do so), and the Earth revolves around the sun, the light that reaches the moon doesn’t always reflect off the whole body. So, we have the New Moon, 1st Quarter, and so on.

6. The Nazi’s Had A Moon Base
This one is crazy ironic because of recent media, but there was a rumor during World War II that Hitler had somehow, someway, gotten a base up on the moon. There were even “documented” cases of Nazi’s finding UFO’s in the Himalayas, and using them to build said base.

5. The Moon Makes You Have Babies
Woah! Woah, not what I mean, mind out of the gutter! What I’m trying to say, is that many cultures and civilizations associated the phases of the moon with fertility within women. And only during certain phases could women become pregnant.

4. The Moon Is Both Weird And Perfect
Have you ever researched something and upon seeing a certain stat or figure go, “That doesn’t add up”? Well, for some, the moon is one of those stats and figures, and when you hear the reasons, you’ll understand why.

3. Is There Something On The Moon?
In 1969, the world rejoiced (well, most of the world) when the Apollo 11 spacecraft landed on the moon. Three men had done what an entire planet had dreamed out, venturing into the stars and making it to the place we see almost every night. However, both before and after Apollo 11, a question was being spread in people’s minds. Was there something alive on the moon?

2. The Moon Is A Ship, Or An Egg
Another very outlandish one, but one that has been told more often than you might think. For in books and TV series, the moon has been portrayed as a space vessel, or an egg for a living being. One of the most famous examples of this is the H.G. Wells book “The First Men In The Moon”, where the moon is hollow and inhabited by aliens.

1. The “Moon Landing” Hoax
The all-time greatest moon claim has to be the 1969 NASA Moon Landing, I’ve talked about it a lot on this list in context to other events, however, to this day, 20% of Americans (and a whole bunch of other people around the world) believe that the Moon Landing in 1969, and many subsequent landings…were faked.


  1. Did anyone else see that the video of the moon landing has zero stars in the backround and there was sand being kicked up as they walked weird for there to be no stars in space and also weird that theres sand on what is supposed to be a big rock

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