Curing Seizures – Exposing More YouTube [email protected]…and THANK YOU!

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If you want to read more about Cannabis (CBD Oil) and its effectiveness on seizures, here’s something from the Epilepsy Foundation Community forum:

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  1. If you want more information on the effectiveness of CBD oil, there's a link for you from the Epilepsy Foundation forum in the description. I have personally seen people in my life DRAMATICALLY changed by high grade CBD oil where other attempts at treatment failed.

    Thanks for all your support my friends!

  2. *****Hey Brian, check out the New drivers license NC is pushing on its citizens, and new laws that come into effect in 2020, restricting access to federal facilities and making it harder to fly without it. By the way I have MS ….. So rock on man********************

  3. So if there is a commercial before your video you aren't being paid for it? But YouTube is being paid for it for sure….

  4. I tried it all and find it hard to believe Alcohol is legal and I can honestly say it Fs me up the most, weed is at the bottom of my danger list, but the top of my enjoyment list.

  5. Watching that little boy have a seizure brought me to tears. As a parent, how can anyone be against something that helps another parent whose child is having a seizure like that? If that was my son, I couldn't imagine having to fight just to help my own child.

  6. You are so right, I ask my daughter's neurologists about CBD oil for my daughters seizures but they say there's not enough proof that it works…

  7. I have to dig about 15 minutes everyday for videos from the channels I'm subscribed to. And despite being demonatized I still have to sit through commercials.

  8. I love the videos you make! You're super informative and I tend to learn something new every time I watch one. You're videos tend to be grounded in fact so you know Youtube and the elites can't have that. They need us to be mindless zombie sheep. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  9. in my country people can smoke and buy weed for more then 30 years.
    no problem.
    a joint per day …keeps the doctor away. 😉

  10. Wow this makes sense now somehow I got unsubscribed I thought you got shutdown until I seen one of your videos a few weeks ago.

  11. I can't speak for YOUR kids but CBD…..DEFINITELY…..eliminated seizures in MY kid!!!!! No love exists like the parent's love for their child. We lose sleep that a seizure might hit during the night when we don't know and can't help. We check on them many times each and every night. Thank God for C.B.D.

  12. Nothing hits home better than watching a small child be healed. And  from a natural  plant we all know,  is a fucking miracle!

  13. As Mexican-American, you were one of the channels I woke up which I noticed the corruption and lies within the system. I appreciate your hard work on giving us the truth…which I am spreading your work along with other channels to wake up or better yet feed the truth to the sheeples. keep up the work, much respect!! Thank you.

  14. It won't let me share this video on Facebook. I've tried three times. It's never done this before ever. Anyone else have this problem?

  15. I really appreciate your videos. Thank you so much for taking the time, having the energy and mustering up the courage to make these so-called “controversial” videos, even though that are fact based and at minimum thought provoking. I will send support.

  16. Non- Psychoactive CBD oil? CBD is definitely psychoactive and if your not willing to look at the pharmacological research why make a video on it. It has many agonistic, antagonistic, and modulating effects and acts as a atypical antipsychotic.

  17. The only way I can find your video,s is to go into subscriptions using the 3 stripes next to the YT icon in the upper left corner and search for videos I have not yet seen. It's disgusting how YT can get away with this.

  18. I rubbed cbd on an knee injury today. In 5 minutes I was almost pain free and had 50% mobility. I am now convinced that this stuff is beyond amazing.

  19. CBD oil may be effective but the most potent extract is a whole plant low temp paste as seen on "Run from the cure" . People can make it them selves in a rice cooker.

  20. because of the latest censorship with youtube, facebook, twitter and google, and because, apart from the purely entertainment channels, nearly every channel i subscribe to is demonetized, shadow banned or, in the case of ANTI-SCHOOL, first a 2 week strike for a "copyright infringement for HARASSMENT", then woke up the following day, while awaiting the result of a manual review, to find his entire youtube account had been erased. all his video removed. he started a GoFundMe which raised $1,000 and was then stopped by google. he is now, with others filing a lawsuit against google, twitter, facebook, and gofundme. so, i'm letting you and your followers know this, so can spread the word, or donate to or otherwise support their claim. in the meantime, i'm sharing your video to my facebook page, along with a few other videos from channels, which have also had similar problems. i'm not expecting too much success, because nobody seems to care, or understand how badly we are being controlled, manipulated and denied our basic rights of freedom, here in australia, but i will fight on regardless.

  21. translations of modern americanized english into Latin can bring to light some unfortunate definitions.

    The word pharmacy is derived from Old French farmacie "substance, such as a food or in the form of a medicine which has a laxative effect" from Medieval Latin pharmacia from Greek pharmakeia (Greek: φαρμακεία) "a medicine", which itself derives from pharmakon (φάρμακον), meaning"drug, poison, spell"

    one website directly translated "pharmaceutical" into "brewer of poisons, or bringer of spells"

    spooky shit man

  22. Live chat would be great brother. As for the greedy, judgemental, disagreeableness of passerbys, being brought up in this two faced, step on your brothers and sisters to get ahead social economic system.. The slumbering giant is waking little by little though as smart, caring, thoughtful people are seeing and smelling where the stench is coming from. Tolerance and empathy are crucial and simplicity is key, treat others as you wish yourself and loved ones to be treated.. I can tell you already understand this and how important it is for change to be happening, I just can't iterate this enough for others to put eyes on.. Peace, Love and strength brother!!!

  23. I have seizures also/ I want to know how long does the oil last after taking it? Right now the pharmacy has me on Levetiracetam (keppra) 750mg twice a day.

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