Democrats Go Full Socialist With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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  1. Bloodsuckers, parasites who live off the host body while contributing nothing to the organism. Lance the leeches off and throw in the trash. The more that come here, the more here looks like there….

  2. I'm from Venezuela, take my word for it: If you let this kind of BS gain any kind of momentum, you'll be escaping to another country very, very soon!!!

  3. Maybe Ocasio-Cortez is a trap. First create hardcore far left monster and then split the party and create "New Conservative Democrats" movement to prevent people switching to Republicans. This kind of game is quite common in countries with multiple political parties.

  4. The problem with no government assistance for the poor is illegal immigrants have taken the path out of poverty. I as a white mail have fell to the lower class after loosing a great job. I am a 40 year old white and can't afford to get educated to get another job. I tried to get a part time job to save money and start a yard cleaning business but the wages have been lowered so low by Hispanics that it's impossible to take care of my family and start a business.

  5. This bitch would look cute as hell if she stopped popping her eyes out like a god damn pufferfish. Nevertheless, all commies deserve to get curb-stomped and she's definitely included

  6. This video is so misleading. Alex is calling for lowered taxes for small businesses. and her socialist policies are not like venezuela or cuba, its more about giving a fair chance to all people and still give people who exceed a chance to rise up the ladder. This video is BS…!

  7. U dont know the different of socialism and democratic socialism do you? Ofcourse u don’t.
    And about the ICE thing. ICE was created in 2003. The U.S. borders were enforce and protected way before the year 2003. U are an absolute idiot.
    And btw, the country is center left, not right.

  8. Can someone tell me why in the 21st Century in Modern Western Society there are still people that believe that socialism or comunism is going to work? I mean, how manny famines and dictatorships we need in history to make people understand that IT WILL NEVER WORK.

  9. i was once a socialist. but then i went to college, read Karl Marx, and got a job. now im an anarcho capitalist. statism is just an organized criminal enterprise who control the people with "legal" force that they get from the majority who wish to hand over freedoms. Sadly those freedoms are rarely given back.

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