Derren Brown Tests If The Energy In A Room Is ‘Real’

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  1. So that creepy dude convinces dancers that they can move a table with their minds but in reality they r pushing the tables on purpose and they r all going along with it bc its on tv? Sounds much more plausible than believing that energy is the force moving those tables bc if that was the case that would be world news

  2. ridiculous. there was one table that never moved. it is obviously suggestion and individuals moving the tables subconsciously.

  3. You have all been suggested/hypnotised to do just that.We are all conditioned from birth but think we have free will

  4. People will naturally wobble their hands in a slightly bent over position. Then someone feels that minor force and will subconsciously push/pull in the same (anticipated) direction. Once that one person starts the others will join in by slightly pushing or pulling in that same direction and as they are doing that as a group, it doesn’t feel like you’re individually putting any energy into it, as such they all deny having applied any force to the table.

  5. Went on the ghost train at Thorpe park for the first time yesterday and oh my god it is scary It’s mad how someone can be so talented and opened minded to think and do something like that!!!

  6. I was actually on this show when they were filming in Blackpool. 2:09. And I can confirm there was no fakery whatsoever. We had no idea what he was going to do, and before we were selected to take part, we all did a preliminary test involving a silver ball bearing on a piece of string that was seemingly rocking back and forth on it's own accord. Obviously it wasn't, it was all psychological, and he selected, for the filming, the people who were susceptible to this method, which was then transferred over to the tables. And I can confirm that due to the psychological state Derren had put us in, the tables genuinely seemed to be moving on their own. It's quite a difficult trick to showcase fully on TV, but the reactions were genuine and it was a fantastic psychological illusion to be a part of.

  7. Derren Brown what you do is making use of real magic.You are using jinns to help you.Your victims think iTS hypnosis.But not always.Like THE dice and THE butcher.That was a magnet.But THE mindreading you make use of THE jinns.

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