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Elections: ha ha ha…. What a joke.
Obviously it’s a joke because the way whenever election comes politicians behave ridiculous as if corpse comes out to disturb public and then after that they again get back to their graves..
It’s been years, we, the public and especially the youth prove to be victim.
This year we saw the worst political publicity stunts by political parties as the politicians not only abused oppositions but also not even spared our Mr. PM..
Such a Shame….
Whenever, youth tries to change the system, politician shows lollipop offers, as if they are kids but see they still vote

Think…… We always vote the same party or Candidate in rotation…
Think…. We always vote to change the same queries every year which always get worse and stood up the same.
Think…. Because it’s really in need now..

वाह रे! खिलाड़ी सत्ता सयाने, बाकी सब तो कच्चे हैं,
अबतक न कोई हुआ सयाना, देश का भविष्य हम बच्चे हैं.
हम बच्चे हैं?

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