Disney Fires Guardians Director James Gunn Over Gross Tweets

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  1. 11:59 I know this isn't related to the purpose of the video, but did anyone else see people moving/walking on the bottom of the screen?

  2. We all can handle a fucked up joke but the main issue with James Gunns jokes are they aren't funny, there's no wit to them it comes across as an excuse to insert a kink of his for the sake of inserting a kink of his.

  3. Rape jokes can be funny, they just need to actually have a punch line and not just be "Rape, that's the whole joke". Jokes are how we can get across the absurdity of things, a way aprouch taboo and seemingly unapproachable topics. But they need to be done in good taste. Not saying "I'm going to fuck a child".
    Also I even though I think this to be obvious, but this is the Internet so. I don't support rape or pedophile.

  4. That woman isn't black she's of Spanish descent..and look at their two pix side by side. Bitch does look like a planet of the apes character

  5. Now people are deleting old tweets cause they're afraid there might be a few bad jokes in there.
    Is that the world we want?

  6. The difference between Roseanne and Gunn is that noone thinks Gunn actually meant anything by his tweets.
    Some think Roseanne is a racist, no one thinks Gunn is a child molester.
    (FYI: I think it was totally wrong to fire Roseanne too. If you see a statement that's UNCERTAIN if it's racist or not, you must give the person a second chance)

  7. I think the best thing about this situation is that the freedom of speech debate could become better now that both the right and left have "suffered casualties". I think it's quite dangerous if we start saying, like Gunn did, that we can have freedom of speech but companies can still fire you over stuff you say. For an average worker that could mean you can't make a living because of stuff you said.
    (But it's a bit different for project workers, like director. Gunn probably wasn't technically "fired", he just will not be re-hired for Guardians 3)

  8. You're all for free speech when it applies to your right wingers/alt right types. Effin hypocrites. This guy was going for sick jokes. Should not make you go puritan on him, you who calls himself 'no bullshit' of all people.

  9. I'm just going to point out, Disney fucking knew about Gunn's tweets, they do very very in depth background checks on most of their employees, how much you wanna fucking bet they fired all these people just cause the public wanted them to, seriously, Gunn's tweets we're horrible. Absolutely horrible, but maybe people should just attack Disney itself for knowingly employing these people and firing them when their shit got brought to the table.

  10. Pedophile jokes, rape jokes, death jokes, racist jokes etc can also be funny… but these particular jokes just wasn't good

  11. Dude, I like your videos, but Dan Harmon does not make children's cartoons. Rick & Morty is violent and has a lot of language in it.

  12. What’s really ironic is that a petition was launched demanding that Disney rehire James Gunn in spite of the pedophile tweets you mentioned, with over 300,000 signatures the last time I checked. WTF?!

  13. lets not forget that it was the right that first began the idea of being on a witch hunt for pc bs- but i digress- the reality is that the ones who are the least offensive are the ones that most offend-pedophilia isn't an issue of the right or the left but rather a human issue that must be dealt with- it isn't ironic that the left began getting after these people but it seems odd that the right in Hollywood haven't stepped up to stop those people- remember when Weinstein when was reported the left stood up and threw him out of the industry but people on the right are caught in those same situations the right does what they can to cover it up- like when Donald Trump was reported for molesting teen USA contenders. there are all kinds of fucked up people that is true but when you are quick to say that one group does something and completely brush aside when people of your own group do it it kind of make you a hypocrite, a hypocrite is another word for a bullshit person

  14. Look at the guy who brought up the tweets Mike Cernovich, heavily conservative, massive history of rape tweets and accused of rape himself. He went after him because he didn’t like a trump. He said it himself, that’s a Fact. But ofcourse who wanna make this about side vs side. There’s plenty of shit on both sides. Roy Moore accused of actual pedophilia and Trump supported him, nope no outrage for you.
    Dan Harmon works for adult swim, not Cartoon Network, do your research. And he wasn’t fired.

    (And for the record, I didn’t think Roseanne should’ve been fired. But there’s a big difference.)

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