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Hey rabbits!
Is it just me or do you also think using sarcasm makes people attractive? In this video you can find out what I feel about this. Enjoy! 🙂







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  1. Please make a humorous video about the similarities and differences between north and south Germans. Would be interesting. Thanks

  2. I think sarcasm is a very low forms of humor. As you either mention or allude to, it is mean, nasty, caustic, and often personally cruel to the person you direct it towards. I only use it when someone who is really mean acts deliberately nasty to me and deserves to be put in his or her place.

    But even then, I try to be more direct and use "tough-love" with my "constructive criticism" (a positive form of criticism of him or her), and it's done without being a wise guy or belittling someone). Sometimes we call a sarcastic person a "Weisenheimer" in the US. Did you know that? It isn't done so much anymore–it has gone out of style, I suppose; but I heard it a lot as a child.

    I think to say something that is ironic and clever without it being a mean, wise-ass put-down is better. That may attract someone such as yourself, and that I would understand.

  3. I like that too. But IF I found it attractive, then just because women/girls who are ironic are similar to me and so their perfect to talk etc.
    On the other hand: I think I kinda find being silent or even shy (not with lacking human interaction) in a strange way "cutely" atractive.

  4. I don't like sarcasm: using sarcasm would be like being creative AND HAVEING FUN BY IT! Well no. I can imagine it as hardly as speaking english. You also can't confuse or make people laugh about stupidity or irony; so it's AB-SO-LUTE-LY useless, isn't it? 😉

  5. To anwer the question of the video:
    – If you are a men: PERHAPS.
    – If you are a woman: NO. Sexy cloth on a slim body make you sexy. And if you laugh about mens jokes, no matter how bad they are. Then you are sexy for his man. But normally you do this anyway, if you like that man somehow, without realizing it.

  6. Your exaggeration of sarcasm is how I am with dry humor. Anyway, I think sarcasm is not only funny as hell but also a great buffer.

  7. it's one of the biggest things that attracted me to my wife, the fact we could trade sarcastic barbs like it was natural

  8. answer, NO
    Believe me, sarcasm is an integral part of my life. It is the only skill I am very good at.
    You mentioned something about saying something sarcastic and one person in the room may think it's funny, and everyone else won't. Those people think you are doing something bad, and wish you would leave or at least shut up.
    In a sarcastic joke one often says that a certain person is dumb, Well believe it or not Shotzi, it is impolite to talk about how dumb a person is, and this is associated with bullying.
    If you want to be popular you need to censor yourself anytime you try to say something sarcastic.
    I like sarcasm and I love to listen to what we call "a good one" , i.e. a joke about a person being dumb and you and others may laugh at Him.
    You are intelligent and beautiful, so when sarcasm is present it is usally someone else is being humiliated, while you are amused.
    The kind of people who get humiliated object to this as do people who care about other people.
    e.g. Do you know about a very large chain of very large stores we have in America called Walmart? Most of the people who work there are low paid and work part time, and many of these guys can't get a good job, so they work for walmart to pay the bills until they get a good job. As a result the employees may know less about the merchandise in their store than you do. I was in a walmart when some stranger asked me " do you work here? " Without thinking, I answered " well, I filled out a job application, but they thought I wasn't dumb enough to work for walmart."
    n.b. this joke may have been thought up in a fraction of a second in my sub-conscious mind. I thought it was funny, the 1st time I heard it. ,Were there any Walmart employees there who overheard what I said? I don't know, and I don't care.
    I don't see anything wrong with sarcasm, but then I am from a family of sarcastic people. In a few years my family will be extinct.
    Well, there may be other people who were related to my great -grandfather who have his last name, but I don't live near them or know them.
    When he emigrated to New York his name was spelled with an umlout, " o" with the dots over it, this was replaced with "oe" He came from the part of the Fatherland where they speak in the dialect of Saxony, which I am told is different from something called High German, so I have never learned how my name is supposed to sound. n.b. Americans learn to speak High German.
    I am the last one of us to have been born. The 1 other member in my generation is my sister, somehow she just can't keep a boyfriend for more than about a year and a half.
    I have been abandoned by all of my friends and family, and I never learned how to form relationships. Many people think I am witty and I can be interesting to talk to sometimes, That has not enabled me to make any friends.
    So, if there are any children reading this, I advise you to never learn to be sarcastic.

  9. I never liked sarcasm. In fact I really don't like it! However I still love people who do and don't dislike some one simply because they are sarcastic or even VERY sarcastic. I think everyone using it on me so often when I was young tuned me away from it. I just don't use it. I don't make an effort not to use it. I however happen to not.

  10. I think only use sarcasm when someone use sarcasm on you but mostly being genuine about things much sexy cause then you're not being rude to so many people for no reason

  11. Sarcasm is not cool and not "deep". Sure it is useful in showing logical errors, but I don't like it when used as humor. It's not because I don't understand the true meaning they're getting across with sarcasm. I do understand and notice every sarcasm people make. I can feel their psychological motives behind sarcasm and they're usually arrogance. Whether they realize or not, they derive fun from it because they're fooling the other person to prove to themselves their intellectual superiority. "You don't understand what I mean. But actually I'm dissing you. Haha. You are so naive." This mindset is not sexy at all, it's immature and obnoxious.

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