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Donald Trump’s funnest moments from the 2016 campaign. A compilation of his best insults, comebacks, and statements. Not only is he rich and smart, but he’s also funny as heck too. Here’s the funniest things Trump has said about the media, Hillary Clinton, and his critics.

Donald Trump FUNNY moments/BEST moments compilation video. Donald Trump Try Not To LAUGH or GRIN impossible challenge! This is footage of Donald Trump’s funny comebacks, lines, jokes, quotes, memes, sayings, interviews, speeches, rally, comebacks, sayings, wins, hair, 2016, 2017, 2018 megyn Kelly, rosie o donnell, etc. Trump does the ice bucket challenge. This video is for entertainment, comedy, satire, humor, fun, #love , #funny , happiness. President Trump’s best true statements. #MAGA #QAnon #News #Politics #Trending

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This is an ultimate savage moments compilation brought to you by Donald J. Trump. Prepare yourself for the roastfest.

This election has been really interesting and very salty indeed.
You will witness some of the best debate insults and other candidates getting destroyed in such devastating fashion.

Click the like button if you laughed. This video is hilarious.

No memes were needed for this video, Trump is the meme.

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  1. megyn kelly is soooooooooo faine! she deserves a kiss especially when all were hooting and supporting trump! she so wanted to laugh! 😀

  2. if you feel a laugh coming on just remind yourself he is the leader of the free world until at least 2020
    sobered me right up

  3. Trump is the man!! Jobs coming back, tax cuts, deporting illegals,squeezing N korea, 401k is up,unemployment down,Businesses investing billions into the USA.

  4. The pope is nothing but a friggin Jesuits scumbag and probably 99% of pedophile. And who gives a s*** about these idiots asking questions from Bloomberg who are satanic Jews that run and control all 400 million people in America through the banking system and Rob your money through income tax which is illegal

  5. Obama's nothing but a scumbag fellatio homosexual liar that's married to another man which is completely illegal, but it's not illegal according to all the Jews that tried to run our country. The biggest homosexual city in the world is Tel Aviv Israel where they pack fudge every night by the millions of gallons

  6. How many time's do you figure we need to know he went to the Warton school of Finance One of the "BEST "schools I wonder how many time's He let us know his company's filed for Bankruptcy but some how magically after he get's his money out ….everyone else who was in business with him wasn't so lucky …This asshole make's it sound as if millions of bad people are pouring in while the Border patrol stands around playing pocket pool …But he say's nothing about the Job the US dept of Commerce did to us NOT a single word about the Powell Memorandum or what American Big Business did to us Or the Anti-trust violations of NAFTA and what that did to us but then goes on about how much he sold a building for how successful his show is how much debit it has . Like we give one rat fuck about his deal's Hey speaking about anyone seeing him How come not a word about The Texas Air Guard NOT seeing GW Bush …. This asshole things the people coming here are the same one's who bring the Tonnage of drugs here when everyone I know know's it's the CIA that dictates to mexico where and how much . Let's face it people this wall will be yet another way for America to get Bilked out of Billions in cost over runs exactly like the Defense industry ..Is there nothing this douche bag won't say ..

  7. funny saying that our gdp is under zero even though the lowest number of gdp says the man who knows business

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