Don’t Do It Yourself

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There are people who are great at DIY projects. There are also people who definitely aren’t.


  1. Ellen talking shit about Tesla?? She way over due becoming green. Stop talking sponsoresc. It sounds awful.

  2. That faucet a science lab faucet used for gas, it does not have any water flowing through it. It has to be turned on by a teacher before anything can actually happen. Anyone thinking that someone accidentally installed a water faucet over an outlet is an idiot.

  3. the doorbell thing is like the bell at one of my public transportation in my country hahaa when you wanna get down, just connect the wire to ring the bell

  4. I am 15 years old and I want to make a change. Maybe you can make a change, you can reach more people than me. Please watch my Video I published on YouTube. Its named Help the world and the channel is named one humanity.

  5. My sibling wants an opening door to the bathroom instead of a sliding door (not automatic). I have to show my sibling the third picture!

  6. My dad bought an expensive crystal chandelier and decided to put it up himself. he dropped on the floor and it looked like glass bath in the room. see what I did there? instead of bloodbath I said glass bath?
    I'm so funny

  7. Ya know I thing that hole in the door toilet one is brilliant, if you ever run out of toilet paper someone can just poke a new role through the hole for you

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