Dr Who Review, Part 4 – The Jon Pertwee Era

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The fourth episode in my ongoing series of reviews, with analysis, of the BBC science-fiction show, Doctor Who.

In this part, the era of the Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee, is considered. We explore how Doctor Who had to change to meet the demands of seventies’ television and how it grew to more overtly reflect social and ecological concerns, before looking, in depth, at select stories from this era.

Chapter Selection:
0:00 Origins
1:10 The introduction of colour
2:15 Changes to the format and influences
4:42 UNIT
7:03 First meeting
8:01 Jon Pertwee
10:03 Introducing the Third Doctor
14:29 Season 7
15:51 Inferno
21:52 The Primords
23:14 Barry Letts
24:49 Season 8
25:13 The Master
27:31 The Three Doctors
30:15 The Time Warrior
34:22 End of an era… and a new beginning.


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  1. I love these videos so much! I have shown them to my friend who i was trying to convince to watch Classic Doctor Who and he says this series was a large part of him deciding to do so. Keep up the good work!

  2. Well done for such a comprehensive review! No gushing fandom but just facts and oh so many memories. After reaching this far today is lost to a Doctor binge and you need not ask Doctor Who. I have been a follower since the first episode (aged 9) with my favourite Doctors being Patrick Troughton, Sylvester McCoy and to balance old and new David Tenant least favourite Colin Baker, Peter Capaldi and somewhat lukewarm over Paul McGann. I am not criticising the actors but the characters portrayed and I feel that with the upcoming female Doctor that Steven Moffat needs a reality check. Before the hate mail comes in just remember that this is just my opinion and you are welcome to disagree but please be civil about it.

  3. Jon was a top doctor – I remember seeing The Green Death when I was a little kid and it blew me away to be a life long fan – cheers

  4. I was born 1973 so only have very vague memories of Jon Pertwee. I grew up with Tom Baker and his role as the Doctor and will admit that he is by far my favourite Doctor followed closely by Sylvester Mcoy. I can remember Tom Bakers Doctor regenerating into Peter Davison, watched a few episodes and lost interest with him. Colin Baker would of made a pretty good Doctor if he was kept on for longer but alas we all know what happened there. My favourite Tom Baker story has to be The Talons of Weng Cheng followed up by the Genesis of the Daleks. My favourite Sylvester Mcoy story is The curse of Fenric. As for the new programs and the people who have played the Timelord I am torn between Matt Smith and David Tennant, but i think Matt Smith kinda has the edge due to the fact he is kinda whacky and crazy just like Tom Bakers Doctor was.

  5. This was a great trip down memory lane. I first started watching Dr Who back in 1972/73 when I was 7 or 8 years old., not exactly sure when. Jon Pertwee was the Doctor. I've been a fan ever since. Even watching re-runs during it's hiatus.
    Thanks for showing this.

  6. The Doctor's anger, sadness, and disappointment toward Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, who commits genocide of the Silurians, should have been mentioned here. Great documentary though.

  7. The Three Doctors is still the best multi-Doctor story.
    It's simple and straightforward.
    Establish a bad guy, unite Doctors, let magic of characters' interaction work.
    Pretty much every single crossover ever since was a disjointed mess.

    The Five Doctors is just a plain fan-service without any real substance behind it (such a shame really. Rassilon could have been so much more in Classic Who)
    The Two Doctors is borderline offensive and awful.
    50th Anniversary is fine (probably the best attempt so far). but again pretty much has no real story or rather a sorry excuse for one in the form of Zygon B-plot.

    I've tried listening to a few Big Finish crossovers, but it seems like they mostly suffer from the same issues as The Five Doctors.

    The Three Doctors is still the most coherent and competent anniversary to date with all the right elements for a good story.

  8. The 3rd Doctor. Exiled to Earth…but was adventurous, cunning, loved his gadgets, and was the best hand to hand fighter of ALL his incarnations. Always wanted to deal with evil in different ways rather than just wiping it out. Never gave up and never gave in! "Tear…Sarah Jane? Now don't cry…while there's life there's…" —Planet of the Spiders My top 5 3rd Doctor: 1. INFERNO. 2. DAY OF THE DALEKS. 3. THE THREE DOCTORS. 4. CARNIVAL OF MONSTERS. 5. PLANET OF THE DALEKS.

  9. They say the the first time you watch Dr. Who that will be your favorite Doctor. Mine was this doctor. Many are close, but this my favorite.

  10. I remember the third doctor chocolate bars for 3p with the picture cards. He will always be my doctor. I was much happier then.

  11. The fragment of music starting at 26:03 is, I'm pretty sure, a quote from the sentimental ballad "Hearts and Flowers" (you'll know it when you hear it). Whether it's a quotation or not, this passage is one of the few parts of Malcolm Clarke's "Sea Devils" score that contains a discernible melody. As a fan of Stockhausen and Subotnick, I rate Clarke's music for the Sea Devils very highly, but I can see why its experimental nature continues to divide opinion.

  12. 23:24 Is this a review of the Jon Pertwee era or “Inferno”? I can’t tell it this point, you’ve spent so much time on that one fucking episode and you’re still yapping on about it. Just make a whole video about it if you want, but please, for the love of God, review the other stories of Pertwee’s era, you have four more seasons to get through, you’re pressed for time, are you just going to skim over the rest of his era like it’s not that important, all to do what’s now become seven minuet review of one story from his first season.

  13. In spite of the constant, and ridiculous, anti-Fascist sentiments consistently expressed, I always like the Doctor. Mosley's Britain wouldn't have been anything like the oppressive society depicted, as anyone who's actually read Mosley would know. The BBC has always suffered from "political correctness" (a phrase I've always loathed; correct according to whose politics?) but I tend to overlook that, because of the enduring entertainment value.

  14. This should be aired by the BBC at some point. These videos are potentially better than anything they would create considering that you don’t have access to any of their catalogue of props or costumes.

  15. Very creative approach to a documentry on doctor who. I love this series and hope you make more.

    PS: 4:07 The Web of fear is not the final story of season 5

  16. I read that during WWII, Pertwee became a member of the British Military Intelligence group along side James Bond creator Ian Fleming, which brings a whole new revelation when in interviews he said he was basically playing himself when playing the Doctor.

    As for the Whomobile, that mostly on Jon as he had that car designed and a car workshop built for him for personal use as he used to drive this car in public which confused police officers, seems he was so into the role that he decided to live it. It was used on the show when he drove it to the studio and Barry Letts saw and asked if they can use it to which Pertwee replied "It would break my heart if you don't, this thing has cost me a fortune."

  17. I enjoy these videos a lot. Shared some on facebook. Only gripe is please don't show Missy alongside Roger Delgado. That abomination of a character doesn't deserve to be included in the same planet never mind video as any of the classic Masters.

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