Drag Queens Reading Mean Comments w/ Bianca Del Rio, Raja, Raven, Detox, Latrice, Jujubee and More!

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Have you ever written a nasty comment?
Well, your favorite queens are ready to READ you back!

Watch Bianca Del Rio, Raja, Raven, Detox, Latirce, Gia Gunn, JujuBee, Morgan McMichaels, Jodie Harsh and Delta Work react to some of the meanest comments we could find!

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Or say it to their face at DragCon:

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  1. When Raja reads her comment, looking upset by it, and Raven looks over to her with a loving concerned face that a friend would….then says “I wouldn’t say look, smell?!”

  2. Tell me why Morgan looks like the man obsessed old lady from the golden girls I forgot her name but that’s Morgan

  3. My farts smell noxiously pungent. I am looking for someone who wants to rim my hole until I cum.

  4. wнy do people нaтe on вιanca'ѕ eye мaĸe-υp? ι love ιт вecaυѕe ιт нer ѕтyle.
    and ι perѕonally тнιnĸ ѕнe looĸѕ gorgeoυѕ wιтн нer мaĸeυp lιĸe тнaт.

  5. I don’t like Delta either, she has a Paula Dean chin. Her clothes look like they came from Party City. Latrice is a queen though.

  6. Legit raja looks so good. Like im female and i wish i looked that good. Her fucking contour is so goid

  7. All the girls give me life. Honestly. It doesn't matter how miserable I'm feeling, these Queens of the Internet cheer me right up. Stay savage. X

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