Dragons vs Magic – Harry Potter & Game of Thrones Parody (Nerdist Toy Shelf)

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Harry Potter, Gandalf, and Daenerys compare magical creatures and powers on this episode of Toy Shelf!

Director : Andrew Bowser
Producer: Jason Nguyen
Prod. Coordinator: Erik Kozura
Written by : Joan Ford
Director of Photography : Russell Bell
Prop Master : Adam Nungester
Editor/Animator: Tim Herrold

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  1. The moral of the story: Daenerys is a complete and total badass.
    Harry potter can go hump a pile of garbage.

  2. Don't get Gandalf and Dumbledore mixed up! This mix up is one that pisses people off!! It's like getting star wars and star trek mixed up.

  3. But Harry did fly a dragon. Didn't book 7, he, Ron, and Hermione wrote on the back of that dragon as they escaped from Gringotts.

  4. Here I thought it might be on how Dany is going to die (like the unqualified, undeserving clown of a ruler she is), she can't fight for shit (good luck taking on a Balrog as it tramples her into paste) and her weakling dragons are nothing to proper magic users.

  5. It is a funny concept. But I'm sorry Seth Green and crew did it better and I don't necessarily want to see it again.

  6. I knew I shouldn't read this comment section, bound to get me triggered people ripping on Harry Potter. But yes, Harry did ride a dragon. And a Thestral

  7. It would be funnier if Harry didn't actually ride a dragon. And bunch of other magical creatures. He can also teleport if he just wants to be efficient.

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