Drake & Josh vs The Blues Brothers – Epic Rap Battle Parodies

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Hello. Welcome to Epic Rap Battle Parodies. This battle features two Nickelodeon stars Drake & Josh battling against The Blues Brothers to see which duo is better.


-The ERBParodies Crew

▼ CAST ▼

Josh Peck: Game Mechanics (Logan)

Drake Bell: VideoGameRapBattles

The Blues Brothers: Richard M. Alvarez & Chris Muller

Directed by: Justin Buckner & WoodenHornets
Written by: WoodenHornets, Meatholl, Froggy and Mat4yo
Audio Mixed by: WoodenHornets
Beat Produced By: Kustom Made Productions
Edited by: WoodenHornets
Subtitles by: Justin Buckner
Backgrounds Designed By: WoodenHornets

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for the next ERBParodies.
-The ERBP crew


  1. I mean seriously. I get that some people dislike your other battles but in this one 183 people must have had their devices upside down when they liked this. This is the best song ever made!!!

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