Drake vs Meek Mill – Rap Battle (LT Animated Cartoon)

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Drake vs Meek Mill Rap Battle On KOTD Battle League
This Is What The Worlds Been Asking For So Here It Is!!!
Hosted By Charlamagne, Nicki Minaj, AR-AB And Many More!!!

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Casdaluchi Ent & Luchi Toons

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  1. meekmiil is better actually because he didn't cheat on his girlfriend like drake did with his light skinned butt he ain't jack vs meek mill suckers

  2. ohhhhhhh dang drake got roasted hahahahahhahahaha meek mill meek mill meek mill meek mill you awsome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Man Meek could've seriously hurt Drake, but he put out one of the weakest disses I've ever heard, disappointment is what it was

  4. Drake won da one big time and meek verse was ok but can Drake get Nicky back tho meek got Remy ma tho right lmfao

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