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From customers screaming fuck at employees for no reason, to a dad accidentally poisoning a bunch of kids, the Planet Dolan crew re-eneacts some of the best true stories from our subreddit about the worst customers they’ve ever interacted with

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Art & illustrations by FroggyWithFries
Video narrated by Nixxiom
Stories curated/edited by Tolop
Video edited by CivilSpider

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CHARACTER: Andiemations

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3 – tsundereequeen
CHARACTER: Danger Dolan

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  1. TBH the fabuloso thing is very understandable as the bottle looks like a fruit juice bottle and they put them near other juices

  2. Worst I've seen personally was while I was standing in line at a gamestop.
    The store had a policy that to buy a M rated game, you had to show your driver's license (which serves as your ID) before buying. Fair enough rule, make sure people are aware of what they're buying, and the area is suburban so pretty much everyone had a license because it isn't like you're gonna walk.
    The woman instead began arguing with the cashier about having to show her license while her maybe 5-year-old son just wandered around waiting for her to do the thing. Me and my dad sat in line for about 10 minutes before the lady just gave up on the game and left.

  3. I was shopping and some kid (without any parents) asked the cashier “What is popcorn chicken? Popcorn covered in chicken?” The cashier replied with “Its balls of chicken, why?” I walked up to the kid I ask “R U STUPID?”. The kid replied with “What does that mean?” He was acting like a 3 year old, then the kid screamed and trashed almost all of the store. He started cussing at the customers and the manager. He was only 7 years old. Then after that the manager called the 7 year old boy’s parents, and that kid was banned from the store for trashing almost all of it. That kid went to court and screamed, I was there too, the judge asked “Why did you trashed that Walmart?” That kid said “Cuz I want to impress my friends” He had to spend the month in jail. 1 month later he was released. He never went to that Walmart again.

  4. You know… I am noticing a pattern. Old People sure have much more faith in technology than we do. I mean a self-checkout that remembers previous purchases so you can get deals on separate occasions? Awesome!

  5. Oh my god! The fabulouso floor cleaner story almost happened to me too. I bought it clearly knowing that it was floor cleaner and when I brought it home, my roommates began trying to drink it. I luckily stopped them and we looked all over the cover and there was no signs or pictures showing it was floor cleaner. Just a bunch of fruit.

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