Everything You Missed in Disney’s Bolt

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Life finding Easter Eggs like the Hidden Mickey in Disney movies? Here’s Everything You Missed in Disney’s Bolt. I’m going to show you Easter Eggs, and facts about the movie you never knew.

Penny and Bolt went on an awesome adventure in the movie, and we are going to have an adventure of our own today. I hid several of my own Easter Eggs in this video. Leave a comment where they are for your chance to win a free shirt!

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  1. If you ever heard of stampylonghead then you would know his cat is black with the same white patches who's name is MITTENS. Is that an Easter egg

  2. According to all known laws of physics, there is no way that Bolt should be able to superbark. His larynx is too weak to even move a stone. Bolt, of course, tries it anyway. Because Bolt doesn't care what Mittens thinks is impossible.

  3. Between both those cartoons and movies I’ve only see the show inspector gadget on Netflix witch looks better then those other two .. on the fact I haven’t watched any of them

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