Everything You Missed in Jurassic Park

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Let’s dig up all the Jurassic Park Easter Eggs. There is a lot of awesomeness in Jurassic Park, the foundation of a epic series. So I dive into the movie headfirst and show you a lot of the bloopers, hidden Easter Eggs, and hidden clues. I could show you all of them, but then this video would be longer than the movie. There are so many cool little hidden gotchas in this movie. If you liked this video and it made you smile, please hit that like button. If it didn’t make you smile, please DON’T hit that like button, it is like my grade on how I’m doing putting smiles into the world.

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Share a smile today, they are contagious. Also random thought, when I was a kid watching this movie I had a thing for Ariana Richards, the actor who played Lex in Jurassic Park. And today she is still prettier than ever. But I think she is married with a kid 😐 . Congrats to her though, she did a GREEEEAAAT job in this movie. And her screams from the dinos were so real!


  1. Dude the cliff was on the other side of the road. If you look at the scene after that you see the two "rescuers" (forgot their names sorry) got to where the trex walked out and then the woman, walk across the road and looks over the cliff

  2. You forgot when they are eating the ice cream, the ice cream is in the middle of the table and not within reaching distance of Ellie

  3. I didn’t know that the T. rex actually scared the kids by breaking the glass. Love your vids nate. And thanks

  4. Oy vey – conspiracy is not synonymous with theory. You meant THEORY not conspiracy, ok? There was no group working together in secret to achieve an agreed upon goal to poison triceratops with west indian lilac, right? Right.

  5. You missed the part where they are touring the lab and the lawyer asked if they’re auto erotica. The lawyer also messed up his lines when talking about the investors “if they’re not satisfied then I’m not satisfied, I’ll shut you down” he should have said “if I’m not satisfied then they’re not satisfied “ since he’s the one determining the liability. Also from the discovery of how to clone to adult dinosaur was 9 years but it takes 20 years from egg to adult dinosaur.

  6. I always thought the triceratops was pregnant, not "sick." They assumed they couldn't be pregnant so they didn't think of that?

  7. Malcolm wearing all black comes from the original novel, guess it's part of his character, isn't it?

  8. (This if for Jurassic world but still) you didn’t say that in Jurassic world when the two kids are alone near the Jeep they found the night vision goggles that where in Jurassic park!

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